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  • Xtar MC1 Plus Battery Charger
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Xtar ANT MC1 Plus Single Bay Battery Charger

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To reduce the charge times and prolong the life of 18650 and other Li-ion batteries, order this ANT MC1 Plus Vaping Battery Charger. This is a universal, 1 Amp charger with an adjustable bay that will handle most types of cylindrical, vape mod battery. Compact and convenient, with a USB connector, the MC1 charger will automatically detect and optimally charge one Li-ion battery.

Sooner or later, many experienced vapers switch to an external charger for their 18650, 18350 and other rechargeable mod batteries. Intelligent external chargers, like the Xtar Ant MC1 Plus are designed to precisely control the charging cycle for a wide range of rechargeable battery types and Li-ion cell chemistries.

As well as being faster and more efficient, intelligent charging will ensure that you get the maximum number of charges over the lifetime of the battery. In the long-term, an Ant MC1 Plus charger can save money by extending the working life or your batteries. This amazing charger can even re-activate a ‘dead’ Li-ion battery that has been over discharged.

Safer charging is another important feature. The most common types of vaping battery failure occur during or shortly after charging. The Xtar MC1 Plus Ant charger reduces the risk by intelligently monitoring and adjusting each step of the charging cycle with its TC/CC/CV algorithms. As well as cutting off the charge automatically when ‘full-charge’ is detected, the MC1 Plus also features built-in short circuit and reverse polarity protection.

Even with the built-in charge algorithms and safety features, the Ant MC1 Plus battery charger is really easy to use. The device comes with a compatible mini USB cable for use with a compatiable USB mains adaptor(not included). A simple LED display shows a red light while your battery is charging and a green light when the battery is good-to-go.

The ANT MC1 Plus vaping battery charger is currently one of the smallest chargers on the market with these advanced features. Click ‘Add to Cart’ to order this safer, smarter charger for your Li-ion vaping batteries.

1 x Xtar Ant MC1 Plus Vaping Battery Charger
1 x Mini USB Cable
1 x Ant MC1 User Manual

Xtar Ant MC1 Plus Features:
Mains/USB powered, 1 slot battery charger (UK plug not included)
Very easy to use
Extends working life of Li-ion batteries
Faster than many built-in mod USB chargers
Uses intelligent TC/CC/CV algorithms for safer charging
Comes with a USB cable for charging
Universal, extending slots for cylindrical Li-ion batteries
Compatible with 18650, 18350 and other high current batteries
Automatic detects battery type / charge current
Reverse battery insertion protection
Red LED while charging, green light when charged
Automatic termination on full charge
Reactivation feature or over discharged batteries

The Xtar Ant MC1 Plus charger is compatible with 18650 and 18350, Li-ion vaping mod batteries. Also compatible with 10440, 14500, 14650, 16340, 17335, 17500, 17670, 18500, 18700, 11650, 25500 and 26650 rechargeable cells.

For warranty information see our terms & conditions page.

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  1. Fast delivery

    Posted by on

    Perfect charger does everything you need it too and delivered next day

  2. Great charger

    Posted by on

    Perfect charger, speedy with full power (bit less off a PC) but i'd say go for a double charger. You'll need a lot of batteries if you are quiting smoking and charging one at a time is not as good as charging two batteries at a time.