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  • Xtar ANT MC2 Dual Bay Battery Charger
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Xtar ANT MC2 Dual Bay Battery Charger

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With charging bays for two batteries, the Xtar ANT MC2 Vaping Battery Charger is ideal for keeping dual 18650 mod batteries safe and synchronised. As well as recharging 18650 vaping batteries, this universal charger also handles a wide range of other Li-ion battery types. Xtar’s ANT MC2 charger has sprung terminals that will adapt to any battery length between 31mm and 71.4mm. Batteries can be charged singly or in pairs.

For safe vaping, it’s important that you use a pair of closely matched Li-ion batteries in a dual battery mod. It’s not just a case of using batteries from the same manufacturer. For maximum safety, experienced vapers recommend that you ‘pair-up’ 2 batteries, then put them through identical discharge/recharge cycles. The safest way to do this is to use a dual battery charger like the ANT MC2.

Xtar’s ANT MC2 is an intelligent charger, featuring built-in TC/CC/CV charging algorithms. The MC2 will automatically detect the correct charging current for 18650, 18350 and many other vape mod batteries. As well as precisely controlling the charge cycle, the ANT MC2 will automatically terminate charging when the batteries reach full capacity. The Xtar MC2 will even recover an over discharged battery – simply insert it into a battery bay and let the MC2 restore it automatically. Built-in overcharge protection ensures that you get the maximum possible life from your single, or paired mod batteries.

The Xtar ANT MC2 vaping battery charger is cheap, compact and really easy to use. Each charging bay has its own LED status light. A red light indicates that the batteries are charging – a green light means that the batteries are ready to go into your mod.

Click ‘Add to Cart’ to invest in this low-price, high-performance vaping battery charger. The Xtar MC2 is shipped with a high-quality mains adapter and a mini USB cable.

1 x Xtar ANT MC2 Vaping Battery Charger
1 x Mains Wall Adapter With Mini USB Socket
1 x Xtar Mini USB Cable
1 x ANT MC2 User Manual

Xtar ANT MC2 Features:
Mains/USB powered, 2 slot intelligent battery charger
Simple, plug-in & charge operation
Ensures maximum charge cycles from Li-ion batteries
More reliable than built-in, vaping mod USB chargers
Optimises the charging cycles of paired, dual mod batteries
Uses built-in TC/CC/CV algorithms for safe, efficient charging
Comes with a mains wall socket to USB adapter
USB cable supplied
Auto detection of best battery charge current
Takes cylindrical Li-ion batteries of 31 to 71.4mm
Compatible with 18650, 18350 and many other vaping batteries
Reverse polarity protection
Short circuit protection
Simple, red/green status LED on each bay
Auto-cut off on full charge
Can automatically recover many over discharged batteries

The XTAR Ant MC2 dual bay charger is compatible with 18650 and 18350, Li-ion vaping mod batteries. Also compatible with 10440, 14500, 14650, 16340, 17335, 17500, 17670, 18500, 18700, 11650, 20700, 21700, 25500, and 26650 rechargeable cells.

For warranty information see our terms & conditions page.

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  1. Easy to use

    Posted by on

    Easy to use, doesn’t get hot when charging. Had a problem getting the usb cable to fit, received a free replacement at no cost which works as intended. Thankyou

  2. Simple,, Works well

    Posted by on

    Simple,, Works well. Basically an idiot proof product. Just slot in the battery and they are charging.

  3. Does the job it says on the tin!

    Posted by on

    Cant complain charges and works perfect!

  4. Perfect

    Posted by on

    Does the job it needs to do, no real need for instructions as it's pretty idiot proof , great product