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This website offers many tools that can help you to get started on your smokefree life.

We offer many opportunities for others to help you on your way to a better life. The Justgiving online fundraising page invites your friends and family to help you through sponsorship. All you have to do is choose a charity, and the sponsorship money will be sent there.

There Are 4 Key Steps To Going Smokefree

Join the millions of people of britain who have already gone smokefree! Every person is required to go through all 4 steps to achieve success.

Step 1: Interactive Body

Initiate step 1 by coming to the realization of what cigarette smoke can do to your body. Explore our interactive body to gain inside knowledge on the harmful effects of smoke. This tool often leads people to start the smokefree programme immediately.

Step 2: Addiction Quiz

Determine your addiction level to nicotine by taking our quiz. The results offer advice on how to curb your cravings once you go smokefree.

Step 3: Health Timeline

The healthline allows you to slide into the future to see how your body begins to repair itself once you go smokefree. It allows you to see real progress, and it provides the necessary motivation for staying on course.

Step 4: Make The Pledge

Show that you are serious about quitting by pledging your intentions to your friends and family. Set a specific quit date and stick to it! Our calculator can show you how much you will save when you go smokefree as well.

Our message board provides a way for you to seek moral support, and to share your experiences with others.