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1. Why Can't I Login?
2. Why Hasn't My Delivery Arrived?
3. Can I Collect Reward Points?

 General information

4. What is an E Cigarette?
5. What is an E Liquid?
6. Why Are There So Many Types of E Cigarettes and E Liquids?
7. Is it Safe to Smoke an E Cigarette?
8. What Do the NHS Think?
9. Is Vaping More Expensive Than Traditional Tobacco Smoking?

 1. Why Can't I Login?

If you have ordered from us before and are having trouble remembering your password, the first step would be to use the "Forgot Your Password?" function on the login page to reset your password. Having done this please try and login again.

NB: If you have messaged us internally via our website or purchased items from us previously even as a guest, your email address will be registered on our system. If you try and use your email address without logging into your existing account, the system will advise "The email address is already in use. Please enter a different one." If you are shown this message, either re-register using a different email address or to use the same email address, follow the above process to reset your password. For all other login queries get in touch.

2. Why Hasn't My Delivery Arrived?

We send all of our orders out using recorded delivery via Royal Mail and your order may be tracked via their Track and Trace service. If your order hasn't arrived after three working days please get in touch and we'll work with you to find your order.

3. Can I Collect Reward Points?

Absolutely! We are keen to reward our loyalty customers and so have set up a dedicated reward/loyalty scheme in order to do so. You may find more about this scheme on our Reward Points System page.

4. What is an E Cigarette?

E cigarettes, e cigs, vapes, electronic cigarettes and electric cigarettes are all the same thing, the equipment used during vaping. Instead of lighting up a tobacco cigarette with a match or lighter and inhaling a combination of chemicals and by-products including both tar and carbon monoxide the e cigarette offers an alternative.  

In simple terms an e cigarette is a device which contains a battery which powers a heating coil that in turn warms a flavoured e liquid which produces a vapour which may be inhaled and exhaled in the same way that the smoke from a traditional cigarette may be.

5. What is an E Liquid?

An e liquid is the liquid used with an e cigarette. The e liquid produces the vapour that is inhaled when heated. It is the e liquid which contains a flavouring (i.e. tobacco, apple, chocolate etc), nicotine in varying levels (or nicotine free) and a base.

The base liquid is commonly made up from Propylene Glycol, a clear, tasteless and odour-free base liquid which is used in everything from food production and preservation and cosmetics. This is a completely non-toxic base.

There are a great number of e liquid flavours and strengths to choose from so that you may completely customise your e smoke experience.  

6. Why are There So Many Types of E Cigarettes and E Liquids?

Why are there so many different types of cheese? Why are there so many different types of bread in the supermarket? Basically it all comes down to offering customers a choice.
With e cigarettes some people like to enjoy a disposable option while others prefer a more permanent solution, refilling the e liquid as and when required. Some people like to enjoy a traditional tobacco taste while others like to explore a range of flavours from menthol to cherry crush. Sage is sage and yet there are four different sage products in the herb aisle of our local store; people like to choose and so we ensure that there is plenty to choose from.

7. Is it Safe to Smoke an E Cigarette?

The burning question. Until the government and the ruling bodies who govern these things raise a flag stating "Yes, absolutely, these are 100% safe, 100% healthy and 100% better than tobacco cigarettes" we aren't allowed to say that either. There haven't been enough studies over a long enough period of time as yet to determine absolutely (to the governing bodies anyway) that e cigarettes are 100% safe.

That said, we can offer you enough information here for you to make your own mind up. Firstly, look for a minute what an e cigarette contains and what a tobacco cigarette does. An e cig uses a propylene glycol base (commonly used and approved for food manufacturing amongst other things), flavourings and varying amounts of nicotine. Manufactured tobacco cigarettes such as those bought in packs of tens and twenties contain a wide range and number of chemicals proven to be harmful to health, including yet not limited to:

  • Arsenic
  • Cyanide
  • Lead
  • DDT (which is a banned insecticide)  
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Tar
  • Butane (used to make lighter fluid)
  • Formaldehyde and many more.

8. What do the NHS think?

The NHS are clear on what they think about tobacco smoking and there is a wealth of information here on the subject. It is also worth noting that there are talks about e cigarettes being used by the NHS (on prescription) from 2016 as a cessation device to help people give up smoking.

9. Is Vaping More Expensive Than Tobacco Cigarettes?

As with all things what type of item you want to buy and what brand you choose will dictate how much you are likely to spend on smoking. With an average cartridge lasting around the same time as a packet of twenty cigarettes (check product information and capacities etc before you buy) it is safe to assume that e smoking is indeed considerably cheaper. There may be some set up costs, i.e. if you choose to buy a starter kit to get you going however overall vaping is cheaper and certainly cleaner than tobacco smoking.

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