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Reward Points



What are Reward Points?

Go Smoke Free loves to reward its customers for joining our website and sharing our website with others. Through various actions, listed below, reward points are awarded and accumulated and can then be converted into discounts when purchasing from our store. 

How do I Earn Reward Points?

There are a numerous ways to earn reward points as below:

•Register for an account with us: 50 points
•For every £1 you spend (excluding delivery charges): 5 points

How can I Use The Reward Points?

Go Smoke Free will let you convert your reward points discount for your order so you can spend them on any product in the store. Every point is worth £0.01. Points available can be viewed by clicking on the blue box at the bottom middle of the screen.

When can points be used?

Points can used at any time during the purchasing of goods at the checkout process. When at stage 4 of your checkout and the system allow you to use your discount code that you have been awarded by converting your points into a discount voucher. You may opt to use your discount voucher towards part payment of your purchase from us, if you do not have enough discount voucher value to cover the cost of the whole order value, you can pay the remainder via card as usual. 

Do my reward points expire?

All reward points remain on the system and do not expire. if points are not used, they will continue to accumulate.  

Check how many points you have

Please login into your account and at the middle of the screen at the bottom of the page there will be a box that states "GoSmokeFree Rewards", please click to view available rewards.