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Could Switching To Electronic Cigarettes Save You Money?

30th Jan 2015

A common question amongst those considering the changeover to electronic cigarettes is whether the move can actually save you money. The short answer to this is yes. With the cost of traditional cigarettes rising fast and some brands nearing as much as eight pounds for a pack of twenty it is clear to see how expensive a tobacco smoking habit may be.

One adult for example smoking a conservative ten cigarettes a day will over thirty days have spent (calling the average cost of twenty cigarettes £7.50) £112.50. How much someone spends on smoking does depend on how much / how often they smoke as well as which brand however it quickly comes clear when you consider the cost of smoking e cigarettes which is by far the cheaper option.

Immediate Savings

When you buy a starter kit it may seem like an expensive outlay, compared to a packet of cigarettes. When however you consider how long a kit lasts, how cheap it is to use and enjoy and how much money you save in just the first few weeks alone the financial benefit of switching becomes very clear.

With a single filled cartridge lasting approximately the same as a packet of twenty cigarettes and costing only a fraction of the cost (as well as being a considerably cleaner alternative) many are choosing to embrace the short term savings e smoking offers.

Additional benefits financially could include the savings you make not buying other things when you pick up your tobacco cigarettes at the garage or supermarket (in the same way that you go in for a loaf of bread and milk and come out with a basket full of shopping) and the fact that e cigarette retailers offer guarantees and warranties to ensure you get the most out of your e smoking experience.

If looking to try vaping out without paying for a starter kit initially then disposable e cigarettes, costing around £7 a time and lasting for approximately 400 puffs each or the equivalent of up to two packets of cigarettes (depending on make and usage) would be a cheaper short term solution. While disposables aren’t as cost effective as buying a starter kit and refilling your e cigarette with e liquid as and when required they are still more affordable than traditional cigarettes.

Long Term Savings

If you consider the short term savings of switching between traditional tobacco cigarettes and e cigs you will easily be able to imagine the long term implications of choosing e smoking on your bank balance. Even better, why not choose the split the savings you make every week between your everyday current account (seeing an immediate saving on what you were spending on tobacco smoking) and your savings account (enjoying a longer term treat from the money saved)?

Being able to buy cartridges and e liquids in multiples without breaking the bank increases your savings and also means no rushing out in awful weather to get another pack. E smokers find it easy to gauge how much they are smoking and many report that they find the vapour they inhale just as satisfying as tobacco smoke and yet they feel they smoke less often / inhale fewer puffs.

Being able to choose the level of nicotine you inhale with e smoking also offers an e smoker a greater control over how much they smoke. Being able to gradually reduce the nicotine levels in the e liquid reduces the cravings until you’ll more than likely find you are smoking low or even nicotine free e smoke purely because you enjoy them, not because you are having to regularly light up to get your nicotine fix.

That e smoking is cheaper both long and short term for smokers is clear.

Additional Savings

While strictly speaking e cigarette retailers are not allowed to say that their products are better for the health than tobacco cigarettes (longer term testing by the regulating bodies has to be done before they will officially allow anyone to make this claim in marketing etc) the smoke is certainly cleaner.

If you consider the difference in ingredients between the two smoking types, namely e liquids are made up from a base, nicotine and flavourings and cigarettes may contain a great number of chemical deemed harmful to health you could perhaps make the leap as to which is healthier yourself. If you believe, as many do, that e cigarette smoking is by far the healthier alternative you might also consider the likely drop in smoking related illnesses, including asthma attacks and various other ailments which might cause you to have time off work, to have to pay for costly prescriptions and the like. Smoke related health issues are certainly something well recognised as being an additional cost of smoking tobacco cigarettes.

Other incidental savings could include the cost of matches and lighters, air fresheners and perfumed sprays to try and eliminate the cigarette smell from clothes and homes and also the cost of items such as ashtrays. Not paying for these won’t save as much money as the actual switch between tobacco cigarettes and e cigarettes will however pennies make pounds as they say and savings do soon add up.

In Summary

To answer the original question “could switching to electronic cigarettes save money?” the answer is a resounding YES! As demonstrated there are a great number of ways in which e smoking works out cheaper than tobacco smoking and this is a key deciding factor for many when it comes to the decision to change over. When you do choose e smoking you still enjoy the same action, the same throat hit, the same sensation (in fact many who have switched over report that the enjoyment factor is enhanced) and yet you get all of this at a fraction of the cost.

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