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What Kind Of E Liquid Flavour - Fruit Flavour

What Kind Of E Liquid Flavour - Fruit Flavour

27th Aug 2015

If you are a smoker, the decision to quit smoking is one of the hardest challenges you will have to face. If you have enough determination and an iron-clad will then you can try going cold turkey and giving up totally. But for many smokers this is an impossible task. The problem that many smokers face are the unappetising options to help quit smoking. From unsavoury tasting gums and lozenges, inhalers, and patches that can cause irritation, most people give up at the first hurdle because most stop-smoking aids are unpleasant and unsavoury.

Quitting or cutting down on smoking doesn’t need to be an unpleasant, stressful experience. The advantage of eliquids and ejuices is that they come in a vast range of pleasant tasting flavours. One of the most popular range of flavours are fruit flavoured e liquids. A major concern for those who want to quit smoking is that they will gain weight. Fruit flavoured e liquids will calm your cigarette cravings but also calm your sugar cravings.

Fruit flavoured e liquids have a natural fruity flavour with a hint of sweetness to help beat your cravings.Here are a few fruit flavours that you can try.

Simple Fruit Flavours

Consider trying an e liquid flavoured with one of your favourite fruits. E liquids come in singular simple fruit flavours to give you the unmistakeable essence of fruits such as apple, banana, peach, pineapple and strawberry. Whether traditional or exotic, you’ll find a fruit flavoured eliquid to suit your taste.

Fruit Combinations

If you like a mixed fruit taste then you can opt for a combination of fruit flavours such as the berry family, tutti frutti, fruit punch or a more simple fruit mix. These combinations combine an element of sweetness mixed with a sharp, tangy taste to give you an all round full-flavoured e liquid. 

Nostalgic Candies

For those who yearn for the sweet memories of childhood candy, you can even choose from a range of fruit based confectionary flavours such as tic tac orange, skittles, pear drops or sherbet blast. 

Fruity Desserts

One of the highest nicotine-craving moments occurs just after finishing a meal. Rather than reaching for a cigarette or compensating with a calorie-rich dessert, consider a fruit-based dessert flavoured e liquid such as banoffee pie, chocolate banana or a refreshing raspberry sorbet. GoSmokeFree offer a vast range of exceptional quality, fruit flavoured e liquids at an affordable price. For more information on our full range of fruit flavours contact us today.

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