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Vaping Vitamins: A New Fad

3rd Oct 2018

A new trend has materialised in the US with at least three companies offering vitamin vapes. Jumping on the back of reports that vaping is healthier than many assumed (95% less harmful than cigarettes according to Public Health England), this new vape option is something companies hope will take off. Here at Go Smoke Free, we are sceptical.

Health Benefits of Vitamins

Vapourised vitamins are unlikely to actually benefit health in any way. First of all, the majority of individuals in relatively good health do not need to take vitamin supplements. It is entirely possible to gain whatever nutrients you need from your diet. In cases where this is not possible or where health issues exist, supplements (the right supplements) should be introduced under the guidance of your healthcare team.

There have been a number of studies into the effectiveness of taking oral vitamins and all agree that they do not reduce the likelihood of cancer, heart disease, neurological concerns or prolong life, despite many claims to the contrary. There is little scientific evidence to back up many claims regarding the benefits of taking a number of vitamins, minerals and associated health supplements.

In short, the use of taking vitamins is moot for many and inhaling them instead of taking them orally has not been shown to be effective in any way, shape or form.

Marketing Issues


Companies who advertise their “healthy vitamin wares” will have to be very careful about making medical and health-related claims without being able to back these up. Until recently it was against all advertising rules to say that vaping was healthier than tobacco cigarettes. Even now you will find vaping retailers such as us, as well as manufacturers stating that PHE have said that vaping is at least 95% less harmful, rather than making our own claims about vaping being healthier. You need to be able to show evidence when making any kind of claim such as this and we are doubtful that vaping vitamin companies can.

Vaping has been around a much longer time, thousands of studies have been produced around them and official government groups support them. This is only because the scientific data backs this up.

One concern many have in relation to vaping vitamins is that what they use (all organic etc) may be something you can eat however when heated up in order to produce a vapour, these ingredients are fundamentally changed on a molecular level and the vapour they produce may not be quite so good.

Yet Vaping is Ok?

Absolutely. Years of scientific studies have shown that when compared to tobacco smoking that the use of e cigarettes and e liquids is at least 95% less harmful. Vaping is designed to be an alternative to smoking and is frequently used as a cessation tool to help smokers walk away from their harmful tobacco habit.

The World Health Organisation has classified over 50 of the chemicals contained within tobacco cigarettes as being toxic and as having the potential to cause cancer. With vaping getting the green light as far as many health organisations, scientists, NHS trusts and government groups are concerned it is clear that there has been a need for vaping. There is no need for vaped vitamins and quite frankly, it seems a little gimmicky.

Until scientists can prove, over a period of time, such as they have with vaping that using vitamins in e cigarette-like devices is both safe and beneficial they have no place in the marketplace.

What do you think?

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