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The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have publicly announced a new public health education campaign aimed at reducing the number of adults smoking tobacco cigarettes.This new campaign, named “Every Try Counts” has been put together to reduce smoking-related illness/disease and premature death. It is hoped that this detailed campaign plan, which includes displaying messages of support for people wanting to quit smoking being displayed in prom… Read more
When it comes to health goals, the UAE are cracking down on excesses and in particular smoking. In order to encourage more people to give up smoking it has been suggested that politicians lead by example and give up the habit themselves.Recently, Abdulrahman Al Owais, the UAE Minister for Health suggested to the FNC (Federal National Council) speaker, Dr Al Qubaisi, that the idea of FNC politicians giving up smoking themselves, or the very least… Read more
An issue regarding lack of support for people with mental health conditions has been identified and needs to be rectified. A number of charities and health organisations are insisting that more be actioned to help smokers who have a mental health condition give up the harmful habit. This extra support should, many say, include easier access and support with using e cigarettes and other cessation options.The Mental Health and Smoking Partners… Read more
It is well known that tobacco smoking can, and is in many cases is likely to shorten a person’s life span. The flip side of this is that when a smoker gives up smoking they may be extending their life.A recent study released by a team of expert researchers from Georgetown L C Cancer Centre has estimated that as many as 6.6m smokers will extend their life if they switch from smoking to vaping. That means, if we’ve done our math right, that if you… Read more

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