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We’ve posted before about the media bias towards vaping, the sensationalist new stories about explosions and unsubstantiated health risks. This fake news epidemic has been frustrating for many as apart from anything else, these myths and mistruths turn everyday people away from vaping when actually, considering it as a valid alternative to smoking could be the very best thing for them. Despite all of this, we have found that over the past few mon… Read more
Greater Manchester Mayor, Andy Burnham, has recognised that his constituency has a higher number of adult smokers than the England average and is making plans to cut smoking rates once and for all.Mayor Burnham’s plans are to cut smoking rates by a least a third over the next three years. This is an ambitious plan however the downward trend of smoking and the positive effect of a series of public health campaigns, not least the Go Smoke Free legi… Read more
The Jurby Prison on the Isle of Man have spearheaded a vaping-related pilot scheme which has seen inmates switch tobacco cigarettes for e cigarettes. The scheme has been hailed an unprecedented success.The Jurby Prison governor, Bob McColm has announced that the e cig pilot scheme has indeed been a major success. The smoking problem within the prison has been solved and McColm believes that as a result of the trial “We have better behaviour… Read more
The vaping and health communities alike are pleased to see that Public Health England have firmly confirmed their stance on vaping; that it is significantly healthier than smoking and the preferred alternative. Public Health England have also gone on to debunk myths about how e cigarettes are acting as a gateway to encourage teenagers into tobacco smoking.For those unsure who Public Health England are and what they do, PHE are a government depart… Read more

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