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There are many things that smokers say when voicing concerns about giving smoking. One of the most valid is the worry about weight gain. Many people do gain weight when quitting smoking, and we’ll look at why shortly. There is a shining light on this situation however. Studies have shown that those who switch to vaping are significantly less likely to struggle with the classic weight gain.Why Give Up Weight gain concerns aside, th… Read more
Despite being around for some time now there are still an astonishing number of untruths floating around about vaping. While the media may be blamed for much of this, with sensationalist headlines like “Man’s E Cigarette Explodes” (more on this later) and so on, some of the reluctance surrounding vaping is down to it being new and not being properly understood. This blog post is all about breaking vaping down, dispelling these myths and helping p… Read more
Hampstead, a suburb of Montreal, Canada are looking to have a new bylaw passed, one which would effectively ban smoking in all outdoor public areas. This proposed ban would make it illegal to smoke anywhere other than the garden/outdoor area of your own residence. Private property only will get the pass. This goes further than smoking bans in coffee shops and pubs. This bylaw has been designed to stop people smoking on the street, while walk… Read more
Next week, Wednesday 14th March, marks the popular National No Smoking Day. The very first No Smoking Day was held back in 1984 and the movement, if you will, has gone from strength to strength. The difference this year? We’re seeing e cigarettes advertised, by the NHS, as a valid cessation device on No Smoking Day materials.National No Smoking Day has been credited with helping a great number of individuals quit smoking over the years. The campa… Read more

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