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What Is a E Cigarette?

An e cigarette is a device that many now use in place of a traditional cigarette. By traditional cigarette we mean one which is made from tobacco and sold in packs of ten, twenty etc. E cigarettes offer an alternative smoking experience, one which eliminates the chemicals being inhaled and absorbed during conventional smoking such as tar and carbon monoxide. Electric cigarettes are available not only in a wide variety of flavours but also in different nicotine strengths, including nicotine free. 

Electronic cigarettes offer smokers a different type of smoking experience, still offering ultimate satisfaction but without the potentially harmful ingredients and at a significantly cheaper cost money-wise long term.

There are a number of e cigarettes to choose from, disposable ones and reusable and of course they all vary dependent on the manufacturer however this image shows the basics of how an electronic cigarette is made up. 


Looking much like a conventional cigarette the inner workings are quite sophisticated in how they work together to produce a quality smoke and yet these e cigs are very easy to use. The atomizer (most commonly known as a clearomizer or tank)is refilled with e liquid or replaced with a pre-filled cartridge and it is this e liquid which contains the nicotine, a base liquid and the electronic cigarette's flavourings. There's a wide range of flavours available, from a number of tobacco flavourings to mint, chocolate and even fruity ones.

The three main parts of an e cigarette are the lithium battery (rechargeable), the cartridge and the atomizer. The lithium battery powers the electronic cigarette and is charged in much the same way, and approximately as often as a smartphone. The battery connects to the vaporisation chamber which is the hollow tubing within which the atomizer and electronic controls are found. The atomizer is the device which creates the vapour.

The cartridge contains an e liquid which is filled with a base (usually propylene glycol), nicotine and flavourings. The lithium battery works to warm up the e liquid, turning it into a vapour and it is this vapour which is inhaled. It is important to remember that what you are inhaling and exhaling is a vapour, not actually smoke and as such there is no smoke odour.

Smokers draw on the e cigarette as they would any other cigarette, drawing the vapour in and exhaling. The end of the e cigarette will often even light up (using LED), mimicking a traditional cigarette and showing that the e cig is working properly. The electronic cigarette technology is constantly evolving and new e liquids and accessories are available regularly. Regardless of the model you choose however the fundamental parts of the e cig will remain the same, as will the way that it works.

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