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Wotofo Twisted 420 Tripple Box Mod Free Delivery

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A gleaming gunmetal fire button and tank plate are the only fancy features that you’ll find on this Wotofo / Twisted 420 Twisted Tripple Box Mod. This no-frills vape is a mechanical MOSFET box mod which will take 1 to 3 parallel connected, 18650 batteries. With unregulated, direct-output vaping devices there’s always the risk of a short circuit. To reduce the risk, Wotofo have built simple MOSFET protection into the Twisted Tripple’s fire circuit.

‘Twisted 420’ is a vaping blogger with more than 240,000 subscribers following his goofy, YouTube channel. The Twisted Tripple Box Mod is a collaboration project that combines the design skills of Twisted 420 and the Wotofo R&D team. Functionally, this is a pretty basic mechanical box mod. The really neat feature is the mod’s ability to run on one, two, or three 18650 batteries. With a full complement of 3 parallel connected batteries, the Twisted 420 Tripple delivers hours of sub-ohm vaping.

Removing a magnetically clamped side-panel gives you access to the Twisted Tripple’s battery bay. This has slots for 3 18650 batteries (not supplied). It’s entirely up to you how many batteries you use. More parallel connected batteries = more vape time between charges, rather than increased power. A LED at the top of the bay shows how much power you have left. A white light indicates full power. The light will change to blue, then red as battery power drains. This mod doesn’t come with on-board charging.

Inside the battery bay you’ll see multiple warnings about inserting the batteries with the correct polarity. This is an unregulated device with no reverse-polarity protection. A reversed battery could cause catastrophic venting.

Wotofo have built simple short circuit protection into the Twisted Tripple. This is designed to cut-off the power if you try to fire an atomizer with a coil resistance lower than 0.15 Ohms. Wotofo recommend that the Twisted Tripple mod is used with an atomizer having a coil resistance higher than 0.2 Ohms.

The Wotofo / Twisted 420 Twisted Tripple Box Mod is fitted with a gold-plated, sprung 510 connector. This makes the mod a neat match for a wide range of 510 compatible tanks, RDA’s and RTA’s. Even with three batteries on board, the Twisted Tripple feels light in the hand. An angled fire button makes it comfortable to fire with the thumb or finger.

The Wotofo / Twisted 420 Twisted Tripple Box Mod comes with a black finish and a colourful ‘Vaping With Twisted 420’ logo. The battery cover is printed with ‘Twisted Tripple’ in green.

Note: This mod will require 1 to 3 18650 batteries, a 18650 batteries charger, atomizer and e juice before being ready to vape.

1 x Wotofo/Twisted 420 Twisted Tripple Box Mod
1 x Instruction & Safety Leaflet

Wotofo / Twisted 420 Twisted Tripple Box Mod Features:
Size: 101mm tall, 66mm long, 24mm wide
Screw: 510 thread with gold plated, sprung connector
Style: Unregulated MOSFET box mod with ‘Twisted 420’ branding
Battery type: 1, 2 or 3 high output 18650 batteries (not included)
Battery connection: Parallel connection
Parallel battery connection gives longer battery life between charges
Warning: Take care to insert batteries with correct polarity
Battery level LED in battery bay
Battery full power: 3.8 to 4.2V = White LED
Battery mid power: 3.5 to 3.8V = Blue LED
Battery low power: 3.2 to 3.5V = Red LED
Manually recharge batteries when LED shows Red
No on-board battery charging facility
Recommended atomizer resistance: Higher than 0.2 Ohms
Short circuit protection: Auto power off if atomizer resistance less than 0.15 Ohms
Cool, polished gunmetal fire button and tank plate
Angled fire button for thumb or finger firing
Fire button safety: 5 clicks to switch mod on/off
Drilled with battery venting holes reading ‘420’
A Wotofo / Twisted 420 design collaboration mod
Features ‘Twisted 420’ vaping blogger logo
Delivers full battery voltage to the connected atomizer
Only available in Black

Wotofo / Twisted 420 Twisted Tripple Box Mod Compatibility:
Recommended for use with standard 510 atomizers having a coil resistance higher than 0.2 Ohms. Tanks up to 24mm in diameter will fit without overhang. Knowledge of battery safety, coil wire types and Ohm’s law is required for safe vaping with this unregulated MOSFET mod. Not suitable for beginners.

For warranty information see our terms & conditions page.

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  1. Amazing value

    Posted by on

    Such a nice device for the price.

  2. Wotofo Twisted 420

    Posted by on

    For a starter mod this is perfect. No fiddly settings to mess with just add either 1, 2 or 3 batteries and fire this baby up!!