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What is cloud chasing and competitive vaping?Apart from fewer health risks, there are a lot of other things that set vaping apart from tobacco cigarette smoking. One of the most obvious is the sheer size of the vapour clouds that some vaping devices can produce. Cloud chasing and competitive vaping are two of the terms used to describe vaping specifically for blowing super-sized clouds.Over the last few years the number of cloud chasing competiti… Read more
Dripping With Early Vaping AtomizersWe only need to look back as far as 2009 to see examples of vaping atomizers that now seem primitive. These early designs were often just a simple metal tube with an 808-d, 401, or other non-standard threaded connector. The familiar 510 connector didn’t become the accepted standard until about 2010. Early 510 atomizers were usually built into a ceramic cup. At the core of these early ceramic atomizers was a Kan… Read more

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