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In all the fuss about whether e-cigarettes do or don’t help you quit smoking and if e cigs should be prescribed on the NHS and whether or not e liquids should contain alcohol, one simple fact often goes missing … people who want to stop smoking find electronic cigarettes are a life-saver.And a major voice in the smoking debate has been trying to remind us of this fact. Professor David Sweanor has fifteen year history of research into the harmful… Read more
We all know that smoking is bad for you. From the highly addictive nicotine to the smoke and tar full of carcinogenic chemicals, there is no denying that smoking tobacco cigarettes will ruin your health.The harmful chemicals in cigarettes include, formaldehyde, ammonia, hydrogen cyanide and arsenic. Every time you smoke a cigarette, you are inhaling these and over 4000 other chemicals, not to mention highly toxic carbon monoxide gas. Just thinkin… Read more

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