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​How Much Money Are You Spending On Cigarettes?

​How Much Money Are You Spending On Cigarettes?

16th Nov 2015

We all know the cost of cigarette smoking on our health. Yet, despite the health risks, people still continue to smoke. Maybe it’s time to consider the financial costs. £6 a day for a packet of 20 cigarettes may not seem like a big deal. But when you add it up, the results can be pretty alarming.

A 5 A Day Habit

If you smoke only 5 cigarettes a day, hey, you can almost boast that you aren’t even a proper smoker. But even smoking the minimal amount is going to effect your health and, surprisingly, your wallet.

Smoking just 5 cigarettes a day is going to set you back around £46 a month. That’s money you could spend on a meal out for two, a facial, a massage, a theatre ticket, or a new pair of shoes.

In one year, your ‘little’ smoking habit will have cost you around £548. That’s equivalent to a long weekend in Florence, a luxury spa break or a flight to New York.

A 20 A Day Habit

Paying £6 for a packet of cigarettes per day is soon going to add up. 20 a day smokers spend approximately £183 per month on their smoking habit. That’s the same as a UK household’s average monthly grocery costs. Even more alarming, you are spending around £2,190 per year. That is a serious amount of money that could be invested in a high interest bank account or go towards your kid’s university fund.

It’ll Only Get Worse

The annual tax increase on cigarettes in the UK means that every year, smokers are having to dig even deeper into their pockets. The figures for the 2014 Budget revealed that smokers would face an extra £69.06 per year to pay in tobacco taxes.

E Cigarettes Save You Money

E cigarette starter kits start at a very reasonable £8.99. E liquids or E Juices start from as little as £1.80 for 10ml; equivalent to 5 packets of cigarettes. Not only are e cigarettes a much healthier alternative to tobacco cigarette smoking, but the long term costs are significantly lower. By switching from tobacco cigarettes to e cigarettes you’ll feel physically and financially better.

GoSmokeFree is an online, wholesale supplier of e cigarette starter kits, vape tanks and e liquids. We also offer cost effective multi-pack deals to save you even more money. Our range of basic starter kits start from as little as £8.99. For more information on our full range of products, contact us today or visit us online. 

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