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Wholesale E Liquids


If you are looking for premium UK made e liquids at great prices in order to stock your own store and cater for your own customer base we have a number of great options for you to choose from. Maximise your profits while ensuring that your sales keep on coming in thanks to the high class quality of these popular and much loved e liquids. Bulk buy for maximum savings and choose from a wide range of flavours and strengths to ensure that whatever your customer wants and needs you have in stock.

We understand how competitive the e liquid and e cigarette market is and so we’ve made it easier than ever to enjoy the benefits of buying wholesale and passing on savings to your customers while boosting your own profits and building a reputation for offering the very best e liquids.

Top Customer Service

wholesale-clothing-02.jpgWe understand that what you want to offer your customers each and every time they buy from you is superior customer service. We are no different. We look forward to supplying you with low cost yet supreme quality e liquids that sail past your expectations.

With our dedicated wholesale team at hand who know and understand what is important when it comes to supplying retailers who want to offer the best to their own customers you may be sure that you’ll find exactly what you need here.

Unbeatable Quality Every Time

Produced in UK in premises, these e liquids far surpass the minimum quality requirements for sale. Rigorous testing ensures that each and every batch will live up to the high expectations your customers have become used to.

In addition to on-going quality and hygiene testing these manufacturers continually review their own production methods and well as keeping abreast of developments in the industry in order to continually manufacture the very highest quality e liquids possible.

A Wide Range of E Liquids

What the customer wants the customer gets and those of us in the e cigarette business know that one of the largest pulls for smokers thinking of moving over to e smoking is the variety it offers. Take advantage of this by choosing from our vast range of flavours, from sweet, fruity, drink related, mint-tasting, tobacco and many more. With varying nicotine strengths available you will also be able to offer more choice to your e smokers, many of whom enjoy different levels of nicotine in their e liquids.


All of the e liquids we have on offer have been carefully crafted using only the very highest grade ingredients and the skill that our manufacturers have perfected after years of dedicated research and hands-on practical production experience. Unless specified all of our e liquids come with a 70%/30% PG and VG base liquid ratio, as research shows this particular combination offers the very best e smoking experience for the customer.

Buy Low and Sell High

Many business models are built on the idea that if you buy things in bulk at a significantly reduced cost that you can inflate the price you display to the customer by a significant margin. This doesn’t always work, especially in a competitive market such as the e cigarette and e liquid industry.

By taking advantage of our extremely reasonable bulk buy / wholesale offers you are able to offer these to your own customers at a very competitive price, securing a profit, an initial sale, customer loyalty and future additional orders. It just makes good business sense.

Ready to Sell

All of our e liquids arrive ready to sell. Elegantly packaged and labelled each bottle is literally ready to ship or hand over to your customers with no additional effort required on your part. What’s more all of our products, including the labels are fully compliant with UK regulations so that you may sell them in confidence.

White Label E Liquids

If you know what you want to sell and what you want to offer your customers yet simply aren't set up or knowledgeable enough in the chemical field of e liquid production we have just what you need here with White Label e liquids.


White Label offer you the opportunity to bulk-buy incredibly high quality e liquids in a wide variety of flavours, sizes and strengths. Why White Label differs from other e liquid wholesalers is that they offer the unique opportunity for you to put your branding on their product.

Yes, you don't need to have a pharmaceutical degree in order to produce your own e liquids from scratch. White Label have done all of the hard word for you. Simply select the e liquids you want to stock and provide White Label with the graphics needed for the labelling. The result is you having your own e liquid supply with the name of your business or the brand to sell on, fostering customer loyalty and building your brand into something e smokers find easy to recognise.

Get in Touch

Thank you for your interest in stocking our wholesale e liquids. If you have questions regarding the e liquids themselves or indeed any aspect relating to becoming one of our wholesalers get in touch.

We are confident that once you’ve received your first shipment that you’ll be astounded at the value, as will your customers and that it won’t be long before you are coming back to arrange a regular wholesale order.