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Vape Trouble Shooting Guide

Vaping ought to be a simple and satisfying experience - but bits and pieces do malfunction or fail, which can be pretty frustrating. You'll be pleased to see that most vape problems can be solved rather quickly and without much fuss. So we have put together this comprehensive troubleshooting guide to address the most common vape issues and how to deal with them.

My vape won't turn on:

There are two likely issues for this, firstly is the battery switched on? It may sound obvious, but check to see if you've correctly activated your vape's battery. Not all devices have the exact same starting sequence, so you could try pressing the power button three or five times in fast succession to turn it on. This is a safety feature to avoid accidental activation. Secondly, there may be an obstruction between the battery and the atomiser. Gently use a cotton bud to clean the area where the battery terminal meets the atomiser.

The battery is charged, but my vape still isn't working:

Double-check the battery and confirm it's been slotted in and screwed on correctly; if it has, remove the tank and check the small pin at the very top of the battery. This tiny pin is the part that provides the current from the battery. If it's been handled too roughly, it may be damaged or squashed, resulting in connectivity issues for the coil and atomiser.

Not getting sufficient vapour:

You may need to look at an e-liquid with a greater VG (Vegetable Glycol) concentration as this produces the clouds, so maximising it will lead to better vapour creation. There are a few technical situations that could result in lower vapour production. The very first and most apparent is a low battery. The majority of vape devices have a battery light that will alert you when it's time to recharge. If it seems like vapour production has reduced, try charging your device again. Finally, check to see if the atomiser coil has dried out or if the atomiser itself hasn't flooded and clean any dust or grime that may have built up.

Inhaled and got a "metallic" or burnt taste:

Not entirely dissimilar to smoking cigarettes and is pretty unpleasant. This is often called a "dry hit" and occurs when your coil isn't getting enough e-liquid through to generate vapour. To avoid this, make sure you keep adequate liquid in the tank. Another reason this can happen is directly after you've topped up with e-liquid. Allow some time to let the wick soak; this should address the issue.

I'm not getting enough flavour:

This can certainly come down to a couple of factors - particularly if you're used to a satisfying flavour reward from your existing vape. A few things to take a look at are the coil, the e-liquid, voltage and ventilation. If the coil is getting old, it won't carry as much flavour compared to when it was brand-new. Usually, this issue goes with a decline in cloud production as well, even when the battery is fully charged. If you're trying a brand-new e-liquid, there could be a couple of aspects here. The higher the PG level, the more intense the flavour, so if you usually buy a 50:50 e-liquid but have a 70:30 this time, you'll certainly have less taste. Another consideration is the e-juice quality - make sure you're buying from a reputable brand name. When it comes to voltage - the greater the power, the better the taste will be, so if you've got the option to increase that, give it a go. Lastly, airflow will most certainly play a part in how your vape will work - the better the ventilation, the bigger the vapour clouds. In contrast, the less airflow, the more the flavour will develop.

Not getting enough of a nicotine hit/feeling light-headed when vaping:

Often likened to the sensation of smoking cigarettes for the very first time, it's not unusual to experience lightheadedness or wooziness from vaping. As is the same with smoking, this will decrease the more you vape, particularly with a higher nicotine content. If the dizziness is causing concern, the best thing to do is lower your nicotine intake or reduce the actual time spent vaping. On the other end of the spectrum is the feeling that you're just not getting enough nicotine when you vape. Here are a few explanations and solutions:

• Look at the nicotine strength of your e-liquid - most traditional e-liquids include freebase nicotine which delivers nicotine into the blood more gradually. Switching to a higher nicotine strength may be best for you.

• Try increasing the power on your device to get a bigger hit.

• Check the coil and see if it needs replacing. A worn-out coil can cause a considerable delay in nicotine delivery.

• You might be better matched to an e-liquid that contains nicotine salt instead of freebase nicotine. Nic salts release nicotine into your bloodstream at a rate equivalent to traditional cigarettes, and the nicotine hit is far smoother.

The tank or atomiser is leaking:

You may have overloaded the tank with too much e-liquid, and it's seeped out once you replaced the lid. If so, detach the tank from the battery, open everything up, rinse it and allow it to drain. When this is done, blow through the tank and drip tip to get rid of any surplus liquid. Reassemble it and carefully refill the tank with e-juice, making sure to leave a small space at the top of the tank. Always make sure you've put enough liquid in to cover any holes next to the coil. Lastly, make sure the tank is connected to the battery, and all the components are correctly threaded. The thin rubber o-ring that sits around the base of the tank creates a seal between the battery and the tank. Make sure to secure them together. Most vapes come with replacement o-rings which makes it convenient to replace in instances like this.

Spitting or gurgling noises when I use my vape:

If your vape is making gurgling and spitting noises, you've overfilled the tank, and this has flooded into the atomiser. Sort this out by removing the excess e-liquid and cleaning out the tank.

My new tank won't stay on the mod:

Vape kit components, even from the same brand, aren't always compatible. There are no guarantees that the connectors or threads will be suitable when interchanged. Always investigate before purchasing replacement parts for your vape kit. Check online for recommendations for different brand components and make sure they are well-matched.