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Keeping your e-liquid fresh and full of flavour means storing it correctly. Keeping it away from excessive light, heat, and air will go a long way to preserving the taste and smell. The main ingredients in e-liquids PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerin) do have a best before date, so if you only stock up every couple of weeks, follow these guidelines on keeping your e-liquid at it's best.

The 3 Main Depredators of E-Liquid: Heat, Air and Light:

If heat comes into contact with perishables, a chemical reaction occurs, which has a negative effect. Like most consumables, e-juice is a perishable item. The extra heat it is exposed to, the faster the chemicals break down. This will significantly alter the flavour of e-juice and not in a positive way. Exposing your e-liquid to air for prolonged periods is not a good idea. Too much air can produce cotinine, which happens over time and will weaken the nicotine content, cause an unpleasant reaction and alter flavourings.

Can e-liquid be stored in the fridge?

The general answer to this is that it's not necessary. There are a few negative issues with fridge storage. Firstly, the main ingredients of e-juice (VG & PG) and the difference between each's cooling or freezing factors. This can cause separation in the liquid. Before you use them, you will have to allow the bottles to return to room temperature and give them a fair shake to blend the ingredients together again. Secondly, and probably a more important consideration with storing e-liquid in the fridge is it becoming easily accessible to children. So if you have to use the fridge for long term storage, make sure the e-juice is in a safety container and placed far out of reach of children.

Can you freeze e-liquid?

Considering freezing your stock of e-liquid? Again, the general consensus is not a good idea. E-liquid doesn't freeze in our conventional freezers, but it will become thicker as it increases density. You will have to wait for it to return to room temperature in order to use it. Follow a few simple storage tips below:

• Avoid excessive light by storing your e-liquid in a cupboard. Keeping it in the dark will be best, especially if you're planning on storing it for a few months.

• Heat can be just as damaging to e-juice. Leaving your e-liquid on the kitchen windowsill can cause the ingredients to start breaking down into smaller components. Unnecessary warmth will change you vape juice taste quite quickly.

• Ensure that your e-liquid is airtight when storing. This means the caps on the bottle have been screwed securely back in place.

• Consider the correct container for long-term storage as e-juice does have a 'best before' date, generally under two years. However, e-juice without nicotine should last longer, as nicotine is known to break down first when stored for extended periods.

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