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Cocoa is the brown powder we know and love, which comes from cocoa beans and is roasted to create chocolate. This powder is commonly referred to as hot chocolate in the UK but is used to describe the same hot drink in America where cocoa is the most used term. When it comes to cocoa and e liquids you tend to find cocoa mixed with tobacco for a sweet and smooth taste, with anything creamy and of course as traditional hot chocolate flavours.

High VG cocoa themed e liquids are fabulous as they produce a wonderfully thick, full, and smooth big vape cloud (best suited for high powered Sub-Ohm devices). As a high PG e liquid (best suited for low power devices), they tend to offer a clearer flavour and a slightly harsher throat hit, which is perfect for those who prefer this after previously being a smoker.

Whether you vape these cocoa e liquids at higher wattage's or not, cocoa themed e liquids will leave you satisfied every time.

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