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3 Pack SMOK TFV8 Tank V8 Turbo Coils

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This pack of 3 replacement SMOK V8 Turbo Coils is compatible with the SMOK TFV8 Cloud Beast Tank. Currently, there are 4 types replaceable coil available for this tank.

3 x SMOK V8-Q4 replaceable coils (0.15 Ohm)

SMOK V8-Q4 coils are rated for use in mods with a 50 to 180 Watt power setting range. This is a 0.15 Ohm replaceable coil head containing 4 stacked coils. V8-Q4 coils feature unique wicking slots to keep the quadruple coils well juiced. These are big, flavoursome coils that deliver billowing clouds and a consistently cool vape. These SMOK V8-Q4 coils are at their best in the 90 to 150 Watt setting range.

SMOK V8-Q4 Features:
0.15 Ohm replaceable V8-Q4 ‘Turbo’ coil head
Quadruple coil design
4 individual stacked coils
Slotted diagonal wicking holes
Designed for colossal cloud production
Delicious flavour with a silk- smooth vape
Organic Japanese cotton wicks
100% Genuine SMOK coil

3 x SMOK V8-T8 replaceable coils (0.15 Ohm)

For ultra-high wattage vaping between 50 and 260 Watts we have 0.15 Ohm, SMOK V8-T8 replaceable coils. Featuring SMOK’s ‘Turbo’ format, each monster coil head contains 8 individual coils in a stacked arrangement. Each individual coil is wrapped in pure organic cotton. SMOK V8-T8 coils generate mammoth clouds with incredible depth of flavour. The sweet spot for V8-T8 coils can be found between 120 and 180 Watts.

SMOK V8-T8 Features:
0.15 Ohm replaceable V8-T8 ‘Turbo’ coil head
Rated: 50 to 260 Watts – Sweet spot 120 to 180 Watts
Octuple coil design
8 individual stacked coils
Designed for mega-cloud production
Deep flavour with a warm to hot vape
Organic Japanese cotton wicks
100% Genuine SMOK coil

3 x SMOK V8-T6 replaceable coils (0.2 Ohm)

SMOK V8-T6 coils have a resistance of 0.2 Ohms. SMOK rate these coils for use in the 50 to 240 Watt power range. These are sextuple coil heads with a matrix of 6 individual, turbo boosted coils. These V8-T6 coils deliver mega-clouds and buckets of e juice flavour. Producing slightly less heat, these coils also deliver a cooler, smoother vape. Most vapers will find the sweet spot between 110 and 150 Watts.

SMOK V8-T6 Features:
0.2 Ohm replaceable V8-T6 ‘Turbo’ coil head
Rated: 50 to 240 Watts – Sweet spot 110 to 150 Watts
Sextuple coil design
6 individual stacked coils
Designed for massive cloud production
Rich flavour with a cooler, smoother vape
Organic Japanese cotton wicks
100% Genuine SMOK coil

3 x SMOK V8-T10 replaceable coils (0.12 Ohm)

With a low coil resistance of 0.12 Ohms the SMOK V8-T10 is an extreme cloud chasing coil head rated to fire between 50 and 300 Watts. The ‘bucket’ casing design maximises the interior area available to house five double wound coils. Multiple rectangular e juice ports ensure rapid flow of juice to the coils at high wattages. This coil head is great for cloud chasing between 130 and 190 Watts. Flavour intensity also begins to deepen at 130 Watts.

SMOK V8-T0 Features:
0.12 Ohm replaceable V8-T10 ‘Turbo’ coil head
Rated: 50 to 300 Watts – Best performance between 130 & 190 Watts
Deca/decuple coil design
5 x double wound coils
Designed for high wattage cloud chasing
Increasing cloud and flavour at 130 Watts and higher
Pure, organic Japanese cotton wicks
100% Genuine SMOK ‘Cloud Beast’ coil

3 x SMOK V8 Turbo Coils – each individually sealed

Compatible with SMOK’s TFV8 Cloud Beast tank.

Check out our warranty terms & conditions page.

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    (This and Other Orders): Excellent value-for-money products and consistently good delivery times (enquiries answered promptly and with accurate info). I have used this website for almost 3 years