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  • 3 Pack SMOK TFV12 Cloud Beast King Tank V12 Turbo Coils
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3 Pack SMOK TFV12 Cloud Beast King Tank V12 Turbo Coils

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This pack of 3 replacement SMOK TFV12 V12 Turbo Coils is compatible with the SMOK TFV12 Cloud Beast King Tank. Currently, there are 5 types of replaceable coil available.

3 x SMOK V12-Q4 replaceable coils (0.15 Ohm)
SMOK V12-Q4 coils are rated for use in mods with a 60 to 190 Watt power setting range. This is a 0.15 Ohm replaceable coil head containing 4 stacked coils. V12-Q4 coils feature unique wicking slots to keep the quadruple coils well juiced. These are big, flavoursome coils that deliver billowing clouds and a consistently cool vape. These SMOK V12-Q4 coils are at their best in the 90 to 160 Watt setting range.

SMOK V12-Q4 Features:
0.15 Ohm replaceable V12-Q4 ‘Turbo’ coil head
Quadruple coil design
4 individual stacked coils
Slotted diagonal wicking holes
Designed for colossal cloud production
Delicious flavour with a silk- smooth vape
Organic Japanese cotton wicks
100% Genuine SMOK coil

3 x SMOK V12-X4 replaceable coils (0.15 Ohm)
SMOK’s V12-X4 coil-head features a unique internal design. The coil chamber is arranged to surround doubled dual coil stacks with thick layers of high purity, organic cotton. The innovative design promotes deeper flavours and increased vapour density. This quadruple core Turbo coil-head can be fired at 60 to 220 Watts. For a warm vape with a burst of mind-popping flavour, try settings between 100 and 170 Watts

SMOK V12-X4 Features:
0.15 Ohm replaceable V12-X4 ‘Turbo’ coil head
Quadruple, 2 x 2 coil design
2 x double stacked coils
4 x elongated rectangular wicking holes
Designed for colossal cloud production
Delivers a burst of intense flavour
Turbo chamber features high purity Japanese cotton
100% Genuine SMOK coil

3 x SMOK V12-T6 replaceable coils (0.16 Ohm)
For ultra-high wattage vaping between 90 and 320 Watts we have 0.16 Ohm, SMOK V12-T6 replaceable coils. Featuring SMOK’s ‘Turbo’ format, each monster coil head contains 6 individual coils in a stacked arrangement. Each individual coil is wrapped in pure organic cotton. SMOK V12-T6 coils generate mammoth clouds with incredible depth of flavour. The sweet spot for V12-T6 coils can be found between 120 and 180 Watts.

SMOK V12-T6 Features:
0.16 Ohm replaceable V12-T6 ‘Turbo’ coil head
Rated: 90 to 320 Watts – Sweet spot 120 to 180 Watts
Sextuple coil design
6 individual stacked coils
Designed for mega-cloud production
Deep flavour with a warm to hot vape
Organic Japanese cotton wicks
100% Genuine SMOK coil

3 x SMOK V12-T8 replaceable coils (0.16 Ohm)
Another coil that pushes the upper limits to 320 Watts! This SMOK V12-T8 coil-head uses 4 double stacked coils to produce an ‘octuple’ heating effect. Wider central airflow and a combination of rectangular and circular wicking ports keep the e juice flowing into the fiery core. This is a cloud chasing supercoil with a sweet spot in the 120 to 200 Watt range.

SMOK V12-T8 Features:
0.16 Ohm replaceable V12-T8 ‘Turbo’ coil head
Rated: 70 to 320 Watts – Sweet spot 120 to 200 Watts
Octuple coil design
4 x double stacked coils
Designed with wider airflow for bigger clouds
Deep flavour with an airy draw
Organic Japanese cotton wicks
100% Genuine SMOK coil

3 x SMOK V12-T12 replaceable coils (0.12 Ohm)
You know that this coil can do it – but do really want to push this vaping volcano up to 350 Watts? Within this SMOK V12-T12 coil-head, each of the six coil stacks has its own long, rectangular wicking port. Each stack is packed with absorbent organic cotton. This turbo coil-head is all about cloud production, but you’ll still get spectacular flavour at the lower end of the 130 to 200 Watt sweet spot range.

SMOK V12-T12 Features:
0.12 Ohm replaceable V12-T12 ‘Turbo’ coil head
Rated: 60 to 350 Watts – Sweet spot 130 to 200 Watts
Duodenary coil design
6 double stacked coils
Like the chamber of a revolver – but for vaping!
Designed for extreme cloud chasing
Organic Japanese cotton wicks
100% Genuine SMOK mega coil

Compatible with SMOK’s TFV12 Cloud Beast King Tank ONLY

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  1. Fast delivery

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    Spot on. I’ve ordered from these guys a few times now and I have never had a problem. Fast delivery as well

  2. Very fast delivery

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    Product is what it is. Good quality coils. Ordered it with minutes to spare, just before Christmas, and even though I wasn't expecting it, it arrived the very next day.

  3. Great

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    Perfect !

  4. TFV12 Coils

    Posted by on

    There great coils, delivery was a bit slow but eventually received. Customer service is pretty much non existent

  5. Peak

    Posted by on

    In my opinion, the best available coil for this tank. Lots of vapor and lots of flavor!

  6. Excellent

    Posted by on

    Best price I could find for these coils and speedy delivery... briliiant

  7. Excellent

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    Great coils great price arrived quickly

  8. Brilliant!

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    Great price! Fast Delivery! The coils are Amazing!!
    Will be shopping here again!