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What is Sub-Ohm Vaping?

15th Apr 2019

There is a lot of jargon to get your head around once you move into more advanced vaping, if that’s for you. Sub-ohm vaping, for example, is a good example. We look at what sub-ohm vaping is, how it works, things to take note of and explore why is it so popular? Please remember that this is a basic guide. Ensure that when altering any device that you do your research and get some proper advice. The aim of sub-ohm vaping is to amplify both vapour and to create a significantly more intense flavour. 

Originally sub-ohm vapes had to be built from scratch by vaping enthusiasts who were skilled enough to do so. These days there are plenty of sub-ohm e cigarette devices ready and good to go. What is the Sub in Sub-Ohm Vaping? When you use an e cigarette that works with coils and a power level under 1 ohm this is considered sub-ohm vaping.The lower the coil resistance, the more wattage occurs. This mean that the coil reaches a hotter temperature faster. This set up therefore naturally amplifies the e liquid flavour and aids vapour production. This is a must-have set up for those serious about big vape clouds. Anything higher than 1 ohm is simply considered to be normal vaping or regular vaping. You may still enjoy more vapour when using a high VG e liquid and a “normal” e cigarette set up. High VG e liquids do offer amplified and smooth vape clouds however not the same amount as sub ohm vapers enjoy. 


Why Choose Sub-Ohm Vaping? 

Vaping is all about choice. You have the option to choose your e liquid flavours, whether you opt for a high VG e liquid or a more balanced PG/VG mix, your nicotine strength and more. There are a number of different devices available, sub ohm and otherwise for you to choose from. As well as producing outstanding vapour (very similar to that produced by an RDA/RTAs e cigarette device), choosing the sub ohm option allows you to really ramp up the flavours from your chosen e liquids. Your vapour will be warmer too, due to it being heated at a higher temperature. This is something that many ex-smoking vapers have already experienced and enjoy. 

As the temperature that the e liquids are heated at is higher you also need to remember to drop your level of nicotine to no more than 6mg. The reason for this is that the sub ohm set-up also amplifies the nicotine content, pushing it much higher than you might expect. Dropping to a maximum of 6mg of nicotine ensures that you don’t end up with an unpleasantly high nicotine content. 

Sub Ohm Vaping Points to Consider

There is a lot to recommend a sub-ohm vaping set-up. These points to consider are important and should be taken note of if you are looking to give sub-ohm vaping a try for yourself. Remember to get professional advice if you are unsure. Sub-Ohm Vaping and Batteries It is worthwhile considering that due to the way these types of devices work, you will need to use more power. In real terms, this means that your battery will run down faster than usual. If sub-ohm is for you, having spare batteries (1600mah e cigarette batteries are often recommended for sub ohm devices) and monitoring your battery usage closely is wise. When vaping this way do keep an eye on how hot your battery is getting. If it starts getting too hot it is best to switch your e cigarette off to cool down. 

Sub Ohm Accelerated E Liquid Usage

Also keep an eye on your e liquid stocks. Again, as your cheap e liquid is going to be heated higher than normal, the chances are you are going to get through it quicker. Watch out for dry vaping! No-one wants a mouthful of dry or burnt coil tasting vapour. Make sure your tank has enough e liquid in it and monitor how fast it is going down. Thankfully we have a a wide range of high VG e liquid flavours at great prices. 

Building a Sub-Ohm E Cigarette 

In order to build a sub-ohm device you need to have a really good understanding of how e cigarettes are powered, ohms, resistance and so on. If you don’t, buy a kit that is ready to go or do your research. If you don’t you could easily overload the battery and this causes problems which can be harmful to you. 

E Liquid For Sub-Ohm E Cigarettes 

High VG e liquids are generally considered the best for use in sub ohm e cigarette devices. High VG ejuice naturally 

offers a higher vapour level than those with more PG in them. They also offer a smoother vape. This is amplified via sub-ohm vaping. Remember the above points about nicotine strengths (no more than 6mg when using <1.0 ohm coils) and the fact that you will go through e liquids quicker when vaping this way when making your choice. Thankfully we have plenty of e liquids right here that fit the bill and are affordable enough to use in sub om vaping. 

In Conclusion 

Sub ohm vaping offers you a lot if you are a fan of big vape clouds full of flavour and are looking for something a little more dramatic than what most high VG e liquids alone can offer. In addition to this, don’t forget that this type of vaping also boosts the intensity of your favourite e liquids. It is clear why sub ohm vaping is so popular. We always try to write balanced accounts and information so we will say, make sure that you factor in the cost of extra high VG e liquid and extra battery charging into your decision when deciding to give a sub-ohm device a go. We’re pretty sure that if you enjoy a smooth vape that you’ll love this type of vaping.

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