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Tobacco E Liquids Flavour- The Same Taste, Less Health Risks

4th Sep 2015

So you’ve decided that you want to cut down on your smoking habit and maybe eventually quit altogether. You know the health risks. You are fast becoming a social pariah and the cost of smoking is really starting to hit your pocket. But what if you are one of the many people out there that understands the serious implications of smoking yet, the simple fact still remains, that you enjoy it too much to give up?

Is there a way of compromising for the benefit of your health, without compromising your health? Maybe an e cigarette kit could be the answer.

Tobacco E Liquids

Once you have invested in an e cigarette kit, you can choose from a vast range of flavoured eliquids to suit your tastes. However, if you miss the taste of tobacco and want the same satisfaction as smoking, then there is also a range of tobacco e liquids flavours available. Tobacco flavoured e liquids allow you to experience and enjoy the full-bodied flavour of real tobacco cigarettes, without the risk of harmful side effects.

Many people who are trying to eliminate cigarettes miss the ‘throat hit’ associated with smoking. Tobacco e liquid flavour are available in mellow, smooth or stronger flavours that give you that ‘hit’ at the back of the throat while achieving the same tobacco taste as your favourite cigarette. 

If you enjoy smoking menthol cigarettes then choose a tobacco mint e liquid. You’ll get the same throat hit accompanied by a fresh, minty tobacco taste. E liquids are also available in cigar and rolled tobacco e liquid flavours.

Health Advantages

The most harmful by-product of smoking tobacco cigarettes is smoke. Smoke contains thousands of carcinogenic chemicals that not only endanger your health, but also the health of those around you. E cigarettes don’t produce smoke so you won’t be inhaling all those cancer-causing chemicals and you won’t be exposing your loved ones to secondary smoke. E cigarettes don’t contain tar. You can happily enjoy the taste and throat hit of real cigarettes without clogging up your lungs with this nasty by-product. 

GoSmokeFree is a wholesale supplier of eliquid products. We have a wide range of e cigarette kits, e liquids and vaping products to suit your requirements. Try our range of tobacco and other flavoured e liquids at affordable prices. You can continue to enjoy the taste and sensation of tobacco cigarettes without compromising your health.

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