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For many traditional smokers who switch to vaping, tobacco flavoured e-liquid is often chosen as a staple, all-day vape. There’s something comforting about the smoky, tobacco-tang, especially when it comes with a lively throat-hit. Whether you’re new to vaping, or an experienced flavour chaser, we’re always keen to share our passion for the best e-liquid brands and flavours – old and new!In this blog post we take you around the world, with 5 of… Read more
Autumn is upon us once again. The days are getting shorter and the nights are drawing in. Burning bonfires, falling leaves, warm, crackling fires; as we get ready for winter, autumn evokes a range of sensations. If you enjoy the e cigarette experience, then here is a guide to some of the more popular e liquid flavours to remind you of this beautiful season.TobaccoWhether you are used to smoking cigarettes, rolled tobacco, cigars or… Read more
If you enjoy the taste of menthol cigarettes but would like to make the transition to e cigarettes, or are looking for a quit-smoking aid alternative, then why not consider a mint flavoured e liquid? But if you are concerned that mint flavoured e liquids will taste like old-fashioned toothpaste, then think again.There are a variety of menthol and mint flavoured options to choose from. Whether you enjoy a sweeter, milder taste… Read more
So you’ve decided that you want to cut down on your smoking habit and maybe eventually quit altogether. You know the health risks. You are fast becoming a social pariah and the cost of smoking is really starting to hit your pocket. But what if you are one of the many people out there that understands the serious implications of smoking yet, the simple fact still remains, that you enjoy it too much to give up?Is there a way of… Read more

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