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Around The World With 5 Tobacco Flavoured E Liquids

14th Apr 2016

For many traditional smokers who switch to vaping, tobacco flavoured e-liquid is often chosen as a staple, all-day vape. There’s something comforting about the smoky, tobacco-tang, especially when it comes with a lively throat-hit. Whether you’re new to vaping, or an experienced flavour chaser, we’re always keen to share our passion for the best e-liquid brands and flavours – old and new!

In this blog post we take you around the world, with 5 of our favourite tobacco flavoured e-liquids. Our virtual world tour starts right here at home in London Docks.

E-liquid inspired by traditional London tobacco

UK tobacco imports began on an industrial scale soon after the first shipment arrived in 1614. By the early 1800’s the bonded warehouses of London Docks were busily feeding the British smoking habit. As the years passed, British cigarette makers gradually developed the distinctive brands that still have a firm grip on many traditional, British smokers.

If you’ve managed to switch from one of the big-name tobacco brands to e-cigs, you’ll be pleased to hear that there are now a wide range of e-juices on the UK market which are tailored to British tastes.

Go Smoke Free have a great selection of e-liquids inspired by traditional London tobacco. Just like some of the most popular British ciggies, GSF’s tobacco flavoured e-liquid such as Silver Pack has a smooth, richly satisfying “roll over the tongue” flavour.

Real Roll Up tobacco flavoured e-liquid from Hangsen

This part of our e-juice journey takes us to Ireland. Hangsen’s Rolling Tobacco e-liquid has a complex flavour combination which takes its inspiration from traditional, Irish hand-rolling tobacco. This liquid will bring back great memories for some. It’s just like a real roll-up, with a hint of woodsmoke from a smouldering cigarette paper.

This e-juice packs quite a punch, so be prepared for an unfiltered throat hit from your first few draws.

Gold VGA – a ‘brightleaf’ style e-juice

Gold VGA is a lighter, fresher tobacco flavoured e-liquid from vaping liquid specialists, Hangsen.

Brightleaf tobacco first appeared in the USA after the civil war. The harvested tobacco leaves had a bright, golden colour after curing. The milder, more aromatic flavour of brightleaf tobacco has remained a firm favourite for more than 200 years.

Gold VGA is sometimes marketed as having a hand-rolled flavour, but that doesn’t really do it justice. The taste is mild and a little nutty, with a slight hint of sweetness. The throat-hit is spot-on. For many vapers this could be a great candidate as a go-to e-juice for all-day vaping.

Desert Ship e-liquid – a blend of US and Turkish tobacco flavours

Hanseng’s e-juice titles tend to be pretty cryptic. ‘Desert Ship’? This American style e-liquid blends the robust flavours of US and Turkish tobaccos.

Back in the 1950’s, movie cowboy John Wayne was closely linked to cigarette promotion. Just like John Wayne, Hangseng’s Desert Ship e-liquid is a big, bold vape that comes with a rawhide throat-hit. After a traditional cigarette style hit, this e-liquid surprises you with the exotically perfumed aftertaste of Turkish tobacco.

It’s not for everyone, but if you find some of the mild tobacco e-liquids a little tame, Desert Ship promises a rougher-ride.

Cuban Cigar E Liquid from GSF

We’re celebrating the end of our world tour with a Havana style, Cuban Cigar e-liquid.

Recreating the complex flavours of a premium quality, hand rolled Cuban cigar in an e-liquid is a big ask. This low-price e-juice from Go Smoke Free does capture some of the earthiness and rich, malty sweetness, but is it a dead-ringer for a real cigar? Maybe not, but that doesn’t mean that we should write-off this full-flavoured e-juice.

This is a smooth vape, with an attention grabbing throat hit. This little bottle is infused with convincing tobacco flavours. At this price it’s perfect as an affordable, tobacco substitute vape for anyone missing those smoky, ciggy flavours.

Wherever you are in the world, we’d love to hear about your favourite tobacco flavoured e-juices.

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