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Around The World With 5 Tobacco Flavoured E Liquids

Around The World With 5 Tobacco Flavoured E Liquids

13th Apr 2016

Switch to vaping, tobacco-flavoured e-liquid is often chosen as a staple, all-day vape. There’s something comforting about the smoky tobacco tang, especially with a lively throat hit. Whether you’re new to vaping, or an experienced flavour chaser, we’re always keen to share our passion for the best e-liquid brands and flavours – old and new!

This blog post takes you worldwide with 5 of our favourite tobacco-flavoured e-liquids. Our virtual world tour starts right here at home in London Docks.

E-Liquid Inspired By Traditional London Tobacco

UK tobacco imports began on an industrial scale soon after the first shipment arrived in 1614. By the early 1800s, the bonded warehouses of London Docks were busily feeding the British smoking habit. As the years passed, British cigarette makers gradually developed distinctive brands that still firmly grip many traditional British smokers.

If you’ve managed to switch from one of the big-name tobacco brands to e-cigs, you’ll be pleased to hear that a wide range of e-juices on the UK market is tailored to British tastes.

Go Smoke-Free have a great selection of e-liquids inspired by traditional London tobacco. Like some popular British ciggies, Oh My Gods tobacco-flavoured e-liquid,such as platinum tobacco, has a smooth, richly satisfying “roll over the tongue” flavour.

Tips for Trying Tobacco-Flavored E-Liquids from Around the World

Exploring tobacco-flavoured e-liquids from different corners can be an exhilarating experience for vaping enthusiasts seeking unique and authentic tastes. Each region boasts distinct tobacco blends influenced by cultural traditions, climate, and processing techniques. To embark on this exciting journey, consider the following tips on how to find flavours from around the world and why they appeal to adventurous vapers.

Research Local Brands and Suppliers:

Start by researching local e-liquid brands and suppliers from various countries known for their tobacco production. Look for online stores specialising in international e-liquids or shops with diverse flavours. Reading reviews and testimonials can provide insights into the authenticity and quality of the products.

Understand Regional Tobacco Varietals:

Different tobacco-growing regions cultivate various varieties with distinct aroma and flavour profiles. For example, Virginia tobacco from the United States offers a sweet and mild taste, while Turkish tobacco from the Mediterranean region is renowned for its rich and spicy notes. Understanding the characteristics of each varietal will help you choose flavours that align with your preferences.

Explore Unique Blending Techniques:

Some countries have a rich history of tobacco blending, creating unique concoctions that reflect the region's cultural heritage. For instance, Cuban cigar blending techniques are highly regarded worldwide, delivering a complex and refined vaping experience. By trying these distinct blends, you can delve into the intricate artistry of tobacco mixing from different cultures.

Consider Nicotine Strength and PG/VG Ratio:

Nicotine strength and the PG/VG (propylene glycol/vegetable glycerin) ratio can influence the overall vaping experience. Experiment with different nicotine levels to find your ideal intensity, and be aware that a higher VG ratio can produce denser vapour, enhancing the flavour nuances of the e-liquid.

Respect Local Regulations:

Before purchasing tobacco-flavoured e-liquids from international vendors, familiarise yourself with local vaping regulations. Some countries may have restrictions on importing e-liquids, and it's essential to comply with the laws of both the exporting and importing regions.

Why They Appeal

Tobacco-flavoured e-liquids from around the world appeal to vapers for several compelling reasons:

Cultural Exploration: Trying e-liquids from different countries allows vapers to immerse themselves in diverse cultures through the flavours they produce, fostering a sense of global appreciation.

Unique Taste Experience: Each region's tobacco varietals and blending techniques offer a distinct taste adventure, satisfying vapers seeking new and exciting flavours.

Nostalgic Connections: For those who have travelled or lived abroad, these e-liquids can evoke fond memories, reminding them of their experiences in foreign lands.

Quality and Authenticity: Countries renowned for their tobacco production often take great pride in their e-liquid creations, ensuring high-quality and authentic flavours

Finding Your Perfect Blend: Personalising Your Vaping Experience

This quest for the "global flavour" – a blend that suits any mood or occasion – requires a combination of experimentation, understanding your preferences, and knowing the key elements that create an unforgettable vaping experience.

Explore the Vast Landscape of Flavours

Begin your journey towards the global flavour by exploring the vast landscape of e-liquid options, ranging from fruity delights like ripe strawberries and tangy citrus to dessert-inspired treats like creamy custard and rich chocolate. Use sampler packs, or visit your local vape store to test different flavours. Keep a journal to record your impressions, noting what appeals to your taste buds.

Understanding Your Preferences: As you sample e-liquids, you'll identify your flavour preferences. Pay attention to the primary flavour profiles and consider whether you prefer a single dominant taste or a complex blend of multiple flavours. Understanding your inclinations is a vital step towards finding your perfect blend.

Balanced and Versatile Flavours: The essence of the global flavour lies in balance and versatility. Look for e-liquids with subtle undertones, enhancing the primary flavours to create a multi-layered experience.

Customisation and Mixology: Vapes enjoy crafting their blends by combining two or more e-liquids. You can create a global flavour tailored to your preferences by blending flavours strategically. Start with flavours that complement each other to avoid unpleasant combinations.

Quality E-Liquids and Trusted Brands: The key to finding your global flavour is selecting high-quality e-liquids from trusted brands. Reputable manufacturers use premium ingredients, ensuring a consistent and enjoyable vaping experience. Be cautious of low-quality products, which may contain artificial additives or lack flavour accuracy.

Golden Tree Tobacco Flavoured E-Liquid From Hangsen

This part of our journey takes us to Ireland. Hangsen’s Golden Tree Tobacco e-liquid has a complex flavour combination that takes inspiration from traditional hand-rolling tobacco. It’s a real roll-up with a hint of woodsmoke from a smouldering cigarette paper.

This e-juice packs quite a punch, so be prepared for an unfiltered throat hit from your first few draws.

Gold VGA – a ‘brightleaf’ style e-juice

Gold VGA is a lighter, fresher tobacco-flavoured e-liquid from vaping liquid specialists, Hangsen.

Brightleaf tobacco first appeared in the USA after the civil war. The harvested tobacco leaves had a bright, golden colour after curing. Bright leaf tobacco's milder, more aromatic flavour has remained a firm favourite for more than 200 years.

Gold VGA is a great candidate for vapers as a go-to e-juice for all-day vaping. This is a great candidate for vapers as a go-to e-juice for all-day vaping.

Desert Ship e-liquid – a blend of US and Turkish tobacco flavours

Hanseng’s e-juice titles tend to be pretty cryptic. ‘Desert Ship’? This American-style e-liquid blends the robust flavours of US and Turkish tobaccos.

In the 1950s, Cowboy John Wayne was closely linked to cigarette promotion. Like John Wayne, Hangsen’s Desert Ship e-liquid is a big, bold vape with a rawhide throat hit. After a traditional cigarette-style hit, this e-liquid surprises you with the exotically perfumed aftertaste of Turkish tobacco.

It’s not for everyone, but if you find some mild tobacco e-liquids a little tame, Desert Ship promises a rougher ride.

Cuban Creme E-Liquid from Pod Salt

We’re celebrating the end of our world tour with a Havana-style Cuban Cigar themed e-liquid with touches of vanilla creme.

Recreating the complex flavours of premium quality, hand-rolled Cuban cigar in an e-liquid is a big ask. This low-price e-juice from Pod Salt does capture some of the earthiness and rich, malty sweetness, but is it a dead-ringer for a real cigar? Maybe not, but that doesn’t mean we should write off this full-flavoured e-juice.

This is a smooth vape with an attention-grabbing throat hit. This little bottle is infused with convincing tobacco flavours. At this price, it’s an affordable tobacco substitute vape for anyone missing those smoky, ciggy flavours.

We’d love to hear about your favourite tobacco-flavoured e-juices wherever you are.

Savouring the Diversity of Global Tobacco E-Liquids

This delightful and diverse selection of global tobacco e-liquid flavours opens up a whole new dimension for vapers seeking to indulge in the richness and complexity of tobacco without the traditional constraints. Let's dive into the captivating realm of global tobacco e-liquids and discover the exciting flavours that await.

Traditional Tobacco: For those who crave the classic allure of a rich tobacco blend, traditional tobacco e-liquids offer a comforting and familiar experience. These flavours skillfully capture the essence of earthy tobacco leaves, perfect for vapers who prefer a timeless taste.

Exotic Oriental Blends: Transporting vapers to the mysterious lands of the Far East, oriental tobacco e-liquids boast unique and enchanting flavours. With subtle hints of spices and floral notes, these blends offer an extraordinary vaping experience that tantalises the senses.

Sweet and Fruity Infusions: For a fusion of delectable flavours, vapers can explore a range of tobacco e-liquids infused with sweet and fruity undertones. Whether it's the marriage of tobacco and succulent berries or the pairing of tobacco with creamy vanilla, these combinations deliver a harmonious balance of tastes.

Savoury Tobacco Blends: Adventurous vapers can savour the excitement of savoury tobacco e-liquids that incorporate gourmet ingredients like coffee, chocolate, or even nuts. These innovative blends redefine the traditional tobacco experience, enticing vapers with bold and unconventional pairings.

Cool Menthol Twists: Adding a refreshing twist to the mix, menthol-infused tobacco e-liquids provide a cooling sensation that elevates the overall vaping experience. Perfect for those seeking a crisp and refreshing flavour profile.

Tropical Escapes: Transport yourself to sun-kissed shores with tropical tobacco e-liquids. Combining the essence of tobacco with the sweetness of tropical fruits, these blends offer a delightful vacation for your taste buds.

Cultural Infusions: Embrace the cultural diversity of global tobacco e-liquids with regional specialities worldwide. From the robust and smoky notes of American tobacco to the aromatic and spiced flavours of Indian tobacco, each culture's unique take on tobacco brings a distinct and captivating experience.

Other World Flavours on Offer

Dessert Flavoured E Liquids

If you are a fan of all things sweet, our sweet flavours are incredibly popular, and it’s clear why. For cosy evenings, for example, our OMG caramel e-liquid is very moreish, and the rollover of the tongue's luxurious sweet flavour is a must. With everything from mint and chocolate e-liquid to Vampire Vape Banoffee pie, there is something for all sweet-toothed vapers who enjoy something of a treat now that the nights are drawing in.

Something to Warm the Cockles

Here at Go Smoke-Free, autumn is all about flavour and warmth or heat. Suppose you’re looking for something spicy and delicious. Our OMG Heisenberg e-liquid offers a warming, taste-bud-tingling, aniseed, loaded flavour that turns up the heat without being too spicy/hot. If something more mellow is your bag, our Chai latte e-liquid is incredibly popular as it combines cinnamon, honey, clove spice, black tea and creamy milk.

Fruity Flavours

Many associate autumn with fruity tones, and if you are looking for something, we have fruit-flavoured e-liquids aplenty for you to enjoy. Whether you are a berry fan or looking for a flavour with an extra kick, our fruit e-liquid section is the place to find it.

Tobacco Mint Flavours

Tobacco mint-flavoured e-liquids offer the same experience as smoking a menthol cigarette. You can control your nicotine level while enjoying a fresh, minty tobacco taste that will sharpen your senses. From cool, mellow peppermint-tasting e-liquids to throat-hitting, icy flavours, the menthol flavours of tobacco mint e-liquids are perfect for those cooler autumn days.

Mint Combinations

Mint flavoured e liquids are also available with other flavours, such as cherry menthol, strawberry, and mint. These combinations offer a more delicate, sweeter taste and a fresh mint flavour.

If you like the taste of traditional cough sweets, you will enjoy the taste of T Juice High Voltage e-liquid: an enjoyable combination of mint and fruit flavours like those found in your favourite cough drops.

Mint-flavoured e-liquids come in a range of nicotine levels to suit your needs. You can start on a higher dose and gradually reduce your nicotine levels at your own pace while enjoying the same taste experience of your favourite mint-flavoured e-liquid.


What could be better than the smooth, mellow, yet warm flavour of a cappuccino-flavoured e-liquid as the colder days are closing in? This is a great alternative to smoking if your early morning cup of coffee triggers your nicotine fix.


You’ll crave the sweet taste of autumn. Try the caramel e-liquid. This will roll off the tongue and satisfy your cravings. The pleasant mild taste is perfect for vaping on Bonfire Night!

Our High VG Collection

We have several excellent flavours that are perfect for autumn vaping. In addition to this, we have e juices which are perfect for ticking the cuddle-factor box. When it comes to vaping, you can amplify your e-cigarette's vapour by using an e-liquid with a high VG content in the base.

A vegetable glycerin base is known for producing a smoother vapour and is responsible for the big vape clouds many people love to enjoy. If a vapour cloud infused with your favourite autumn flavour is for you, we highly recommend checking out our high VG section.

Health Advantages

The most harmful by-product of smoking tobacco cigarettes is smoke. Smoke contains thousands of carcinogenic chemicals that endanger not only your health but also the health of those around you.

E-cigarettes don’t produce smoke, so you won’t be inhaling all those cancer-causing chemicals and won’t expose your loved ones to secondary smoke. E-cigarettes don’t contain tar. You can happily enjoy the taste and throat hit of real cigarettes without clogging up your lungs with this nasty by-product.

Go Smoke-Free is a wholesale supplier of e-liquid products. We have many e-cigarette kits, e-liquids, and vaping products. Enjoy the taste and sensation of tobacco cigarettes without compromising your health.

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