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Smoking was banned in public places such as bars and cafes back in 2004 in Ireland yet it isn’t uncommon to see people lighting up outside schools, outside public buildings and in queues/at bus stops. Senator (Fine Gael) Martin Conway wants this to change.When it comes to smoking much research has been produced which definitively proves that passive smoking, i.e. non-smokers inhaling cigarette smoke from nearby smokers, can be just as harmful as… Read more
Since e smoking / vaping hit the world stage many have had and have reported concerns over how reliable e cigarette research really is. On the contrary to what many might think, the concerns have been that e cigarettes have not been given the fair exploration other new products might have enjoyed and the insinuation has been that this is due to them being likened to tobacco cigarettes, despite being very different.Anyone in the know understands t… Read more
There are a great many reasons why people switch over from traditional tobacco cigarettes to vaping e cigarettes. E cigarettes really started to become popular in the UK after the 2007 Go Smoke Free legislation was passed, prohibiting the use of tobacco cigarettes in the workplace, on public transport and in a number of other public places.While some might suggest that the reason people moved over post-legislation was because while tobacco cigare… Read more
Recent findings seem to indicate that the number of people choosing e cigarettes over cessation devices such as nicotine gum or nicotine patches has risen sharply for the first time. Here in the United Kingdom the vaping industry is the second largest in the world and the popularity of e cigarettes as an alternative to tobacco smoking shows no sign of letting up. Nicotine replacement sales have risen steadily as the years have gone on and as cons… Read more

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