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27th Dec 2018

You wouldn’t believe how many times we are asked here at Go Smoke Free whether a PG or VG base is best. Needless to say, it’s pretty often. The thing is, we can’t tell you whether a high VG e liquid or one with more PG in it is what you need. Vaping is a very individual thing which means what one person loves, another might not be quite so keen on. When it comes choosing a PG or VG base, the information below may help you narrow down the bes… Read more

13th Dec 2018

Vaping has been around a fair time now which means that organisations such as Public Health England have been able to collate and analyse statistical data and scientific/medical reports in order to make a decision one way or another about the question “Is vaping safe?”. We look at myths about vaping safety, what the officials say and more so that you may make an informed decision yourself.The Vaping MythsIf you read newspapers or follow cert… Read more
Both Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG) are used to make e juice or e liquid for e cigarettes. These e liquids contain the nicotine and flavourings which are heated by the battery and the produced vapour is what is inhaled and exhaled.Few people understand the differences between these two active ingredients and so this guide will clear up some of the misconceptions.Typically e liquids will contain four ingredients, nicotine,… Read more

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