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Five Ways That E Smoking is Better Than Tobacco Cigarette Smoking

Many smokers considering moving over from tobacco cigarette smoking to electronic cigarettes ask the question "which is better?". It doesn't take long for them to hear the answer "e cigarettes are" as electronic cigarettes are an alternative to tobacco smoking which offer all of the benefits and none of the downsides.

The chances are that if a tobacco smoker is looking to move over (the majority of e smokers (known as vaping or vapers now) were once tobacco smokers) that they are already looking for a better experience on a number of levels.

Regardless of why they ask the question more often than not the resounding answer is "Vaping is better than tobacco smoking" and here is why:

1. No More Strong Clinging Tobacco Scent
Sneaking a crafty cigarette when you smoke tobacco cigs is never easy thanks mainly to the strong smell that comes from burning and inhaling cigarettes and it is a smell that lingers. Your clothes, hair and skin smell of it, your home and car if you smoke in either smell of it and often those around you are inflicted with the same strong smoke.

The smoke from a traditional cigarette is made from burning the tobacco mixture which also contains tar as well as other not so healthy chemicals. As well as being responsible for making the smoker smell of smoke, the smoke itself lingers and has been proven to be harmful (as well as annoying) to others.

E cigarettes on the other hand produce a vapour as opposed to a smoke which is no less enjoyable, (in fact is more enjoyable according to most) and yet doesn't possess the overpowering smell that tobacco-produced smokes do. Some vapers claim a very slight and fast disappearing odour yet most claim no odour at all (it depends on what e liquid you use).

2. E Cigarette Smoking is Significantly Less Expensive
It is no secret that traditional cigarettes have risen in cost quickly over the past few years. Indeed a pack of 20 mid-brand tobacco cigarettes in 2005 cost around £3.22. The price of the same brand and pack size now in 2015 is nearer £8. Between the cost of production, transportation and very much so the tax applied by the government the prices look to continue rising at the same rate. A smoker of say 10 cigarettes a day could at the current prices easily spend upwards of £120 a month at a low estimate.

E cigarettes and vaping is considerably cheaper as those who have moved over from tobacco to vaping agree. While there may be some higher start up costs once you have your starter kit your main expense after that would be e liquids, many of which may be bought via multi-buy offers, and occasional replacement parts. E cigarettes are rechargeable, reusable and most definitely less expensive over time than tobacco cigarettes, regardless of how high your usage is.

3. The Safety Aspect
When you smoke an e cigarette you aren't burning anything in the same way that a tobacco smoker is. There are no matches or lighters required and there is no lit end or hot ash which may fall off, roll out of ashtrays or similar, igniting anything in the surrounding area. Many fires have been attributed to a stray tobacco cigarette over the years.

The different with an electronic cigarette is however that the included battery heats up the e liquid which in turn produces the vapour which is then inhaled by the vaper. Of course it is still important to adhere to the safety recommendations when using an e cigarette, particularly those surrounding battery use however vaping is considered a lot safer than tobacco smoking. While there was an incident is the press about an e cigarette exploding investigations found that this was due to the batteries being stacked and the e cigarette having been modified by the user, making it unsafe. When used as per manufacturer instructions there is no comparison between the two types of smokes regarding safety.

4. Tobacco Cigarettes are Bad For Your Health
Over the years there have been countless studies undertaken on the tobacco smoking habit which have all concluded that smoking a burning tobacco smoking product such as a cigarette or a pipe is indeed harmful to health with links to cancer, heart disease, respiratory concerns and more. Indeed, studies which proved that passive smokers, i.e. those who came into contact with second hand smoke were also at risk were the foundation for the Smoke Free England legislation and it now being illegal to smoke in the workplace and many public places.

The truth of the matter is that tobacco cigarettes are filled with harmful chemicals. E cigarettes are filled with e liquids which contain a PG or VG base (ingredients used in food production), varying levels of nicotine if required (nicotine free e liquids are available) and flavourings. The difference between the two is very obvious.

Many who have switched from tobacco smoking to vaping have been happy to confirm that they very quickly started to feel healthier.

5. E Cigarettes are Consider More Sociable
Between the lack of smell and unlike tobacco cigarettes not being considered a passive smoking concern e cigs are by far the most sociable of the two types of cigarette. With all of the negative press surrounding tobacco smoking, from the odour, the health concerns and more painting tobacco smokers in a critical light, particularly after the Smoke Free England legislation came into play e cigarettes are most definitely considered the more sociable of the two.

In Summary
Between the tobacco and the e cigarette smoking choices it is clear to see why many smokers, non smokers and professionals consider vaping the better of the two. With so many long-term smokers moving over to vaping and being thrilled with the benefits many believe that from a health and enjoyment point of view, not to mention the financial implications of switching that vaping is by far the better choice all round.