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Humble E Liquid

We’re not sure why this popular USA-produced brand got the name Humble Plus from. They produce outstanding, show-stopping, brilliantly flavoured e liquids. Perhaps they are Humble because they don’t brag about how fabulous these flavours are; they let them speak for themselves. With flavours like Donkey Kahn (strawberry, banana and dragonfruit) and Humble Crumble (think blueberry crumble with a golden cinnamon touch), it’s easy to see why people come back time and time again to stock up. Being mild enough for everyday (or night) use yet special enough for those times when something top shelf will do, these are good all-rounders that strive to please everyone.
Pleasing everyone isn’t hard when you consider the fact that these e liquids are not just fabulously flavoured, they are also high VG and short fills. What this means is that when you choose a Humble Plus e liquid you are choosing a nicotine free e liquid with a high quality, high VG base. This means that not only will your vape be smoother, it also allows for you to choose the nicotine strength of your e liquid using the included free nicotine shots or by adding in nicotine from your own collection.
Humble Plus, we salute you. You know what vapers are looking for you and you stop at nothing until you find it. It’s no wonder your e liquids are so much in demand.

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