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You’ve heard of LG before. They make TVs and other nifty nigh-end electricals. Did you know however that LG also use their tech-savvy prowess to help vapers like you power their e cigarettes in the most efficient way? You do now.

LG the company was first established in 1958 (yes, really!) although obviously didn’t enter the vape battery market until much later. Based in Seoul, Korea LG product high-end e cigarette batteries that are designed specifically to consistently offer you the power you need to enjoy those big vapour clouds. With their collective might, LG have worked hard to ensure that the lithium batteries they supply for e cigarettes are efficient, offer a steady stream of power and last longer than many competitors before needing to be recharged.
If an LG fridge freezer is sought after by consumers then the LG battery for vaping should also be at the top of your list.

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