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Box Mod / Battery Special Offers

If you are looking for special offers on a new box mod or battery this is the place. If you are unsure, a box mod is an e cigarette device which contains either an internal battery or a dedicated external space for you to add one. Box mods get their name from their box-like shape and they come is all sizes and in a number of styles.
A box mod is typically larger than your usual vape pen-like set up (although there are vape pen mods available) and it boasts a number of brilliant features such as high-end temperature control and more. It is up to you whether you choose an internal or external 18650 battery power source, but either way, it is important to buy quality.
The vaping industry moves very fast which means that new developments in both batteries and box mods, as well as other vaping kit, appear on the market regularly. Here at Go Smoke Free we choose the best pieces that offer both an innovative design and affordability. Our special offers and discounts allow you to upgrade your kit without breaking the bank.
Choosing a box mod battery is something that should be done carefully. To ensure that you enjoy the very best vape,you need to make sure you choose a box mod that works for you and a battery that is powerful and reliable, yet not too powerful for the box mod device you’ve chosen. Any questions, just get in touch and we’ll steer you in the right direction.