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If you are new to e cigarettes and e liquid (the solution which contains flavours and often nicotine which is used to fill the e cigarette) or want to know more about how things work and what certain terms mean then this is the guide for you

What is an E Liquid Made of?
The main ingredients in the majority of all e liquids currently on the market are nicotine, Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and assorted flavourings. E liquids are bought in bottles usually starting in 10ml bottles (unless in samples packs where 5ml is sometimes used) and are used to fill the e cigarettes.

Which E Liquid is the Best One to Start With?
There are a wide range of flavours available to suit all tastes and preferences. From drink flavours such as cola, to strawberry and mint, various tobacco types and even chocolate e liquids to choose from the best one to start with is whichever you fancy trying first. When you are getting started it might be wise to choose smaller bottles when trying a flavour for the first time in case you don’t like one. Retailers don’t accept returns on the basis of you not liking a certain flavour.

It is important to choose the appropriate strength as well as flavour when starting with your e cigarette. High strength e liquids contain as much as 18-36mg of nicotine while low strength has 6-11mg. Choosing a level too strong when not used to it will result in you feeling quite sick and even dizzy, the same way that choosing a very strong tobacco cigarette for the first time would. There are also a range of 0% nicotine e liquids available for those who have cut their nicotine intake right down.

Is E Liquid Safe?
If handled properly and as per manufacturer instructions there is no reason to believe that E Liquids aren't entirely safe. While no-one can claim (yet) that e liquids and e cigarettes are healthier than tobacco smoking because no authorised study has proven this either way it is safe to assume that the less tobacco, nicotine and chemicals you are exposed to the better off you are. Seeing as e liquids do not contain or produce carbon monoxide, tar or a number of other chemicals you can see why many prefer them.

E Liquid Usage Tips

  • As with many products, e juices could use a good shake up every now and then to ensure that flavour is evenly distributed and that all smokes are as flavoursome as they can be. Do be careful to replace the lids etc before shaking though.
  • All e juices contain water, flavouring, nicotine and a base such as PG or VG. While both have their pros and cons, PG is the most popular and is more frequently used. In order to ensure the very best e juice experience mixing the two in a ratio which works for you may be just what you have been looking for in order to find that “perfect” smoke.
  • Many will agree that darker coloured e juices tend to be the ones which clog up the atomiser or leave a residue. If you primarily use these e juices reduce the time between cleaning your e cigarette in order to lessen the risk of sticky, blocked and less effective devices.
  • There is nothing wrong with enjoying stronger e juice flavours such as mints, stronger fruits or spices such as cinnamon however these stronger tastes may linger somewhat in the chamber once the e juice has gone. To eliminate the risk of your next e juice being contaminated ensure that your clean your e cigarette properly and often.

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