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All In One Vape Kits

One of the very best things about vaping is the AIO factor. If you’re not sure what AIO is, it is All in One. For example, an AIO vape kit will contain everything you need to vape. You’ll have your e cigarette, your power supply/charger and be ready to plug and play. An AIO box kit is ideal for vapers just starting out as it take all of the guess work away. You don’t need to worry if you’ve the right e cig or if your e cigarette has everything you need to get started because you know you have everything in place for an all in one vape.

Variety is something people love about vaping however simplicity, especially with an AIO set-up, makes moving over from smoking to the cleaner, healthier, cheaper long-term and (many think) more enjoyable hobby that much smarter, as well as easier.