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Advice For First Time Users Of E Cigarettes

There is nothing particularly difficult about smoking an e cigarette, in fact the process is both easy to enjoy and on average most likely cheaper than smoking traditional regular cigarettes. These tips for new smokers will help you find your way to a great smoke in record time.

The majority of batteries that will arrive in a e cig new starter kit will have some charge however for a decent smoke it is important to allow the battery to charge fully for at least of couple of hours in order to produce a decent amount of vapour.

Buy Extras
If you anticipate that you will be a regular smoker it may be advisable to buy an extra battery, reducing the time you are unable to smoke if your main and only battery is on charge and eliminating the risk of being smoke-less altogether if you lose your battery or there is a fault. Of course you should wait until you have tried your e cigarette and know you are happy with the way it works before buying any extras.

Coil heads are the other semi-disposable item related to e cigarettes which may need replacing after a time and having spare in is wise choice.

Don’t Waste Money on E liquid You Don’t Like
if you are just starting out and haven’t experienced e cigarettes before it is easy to get caught up in the excitement of having so many different flavours and strength e liquids to try. Until you try them however you won’t know if you like them so it would be wise to buy only one of each flavour you wish to try and then in smaller bottles to begin with.

Consider Chargers For On The Go Enjoyment
If you spend a lot of time at your computer or in the car it may be worthwhile considering down the line investing in a car charger for your e cigarette or a USB charger. Do ensure that you follow manufacturer guidelines when buying accessories as it is essential that you do not use a charger that is too powerful for the battery as this may result in damage or even the battery blowing up / catching fire.

Start Low and Build Up if Necessary
E liquid comes in a range of strengths and these strengths are dictated by the amount of nicotine that they contain. Start on the lowest strength to suit your needs and only move up if you feel it is necessary. Jumping to a higher nicotine level when your body isn’t used to it may result in dizziness, nausea (or actual sickness) and feeling faint.

Keep it Clean
In order to enjoy your e cigarette to its fullest ensure that you read the manufacturers information with regards how to properly maintain your e cig and do so at regularly intervals.