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  • 5 Pack Joyetech ProC Series Coil Atomizer Heads
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5 Pack Joyetech ProC Series Coil Atomizer Heads


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With power ratings ranging from 25 to 130 Watts, this fabulous range of Joyetech ProC Coil Heads covers the full vaping spectrum. Offered in convenient 5-Packs, these replacement ProC coils are compatible with popular Joyetech tanks like the Aries, Motor, SE, and even the Remix RBA.

Like SMOK’s famous range of ‘Cloud Beast’ coils, many of Joyetech’s ProC coil heads feature multiple internal Kanthal coils encased in deeply padded organic cotton. The organic cotton wicks help to deliver clean, authentic flavours and expanded cloud volume.

5 x Joyetech ProC1 replaceable coil heads (0.4 Ohm) - £11.79
Designed with a simple, single core, the ProC1 coil head is the ‘workhorse’ of the ProC range. The ProC1 delivers an airy draw for direct-lung vaping between 55 and 65 Watts. At these recommended wattages, the focus is on intense flavour. A test rating of 40 to 80 Watts challenges you to crank up the power for occasional cloud-chasing.

Joyetech 0.4 Ohm ProC1 DL Coil Head Features:
0.4 Ohm replaceable ProC1 single core, direct lung coil head
For use with Joyetech ‘ProCore’ tank range & Remix RBA
Rated at 40 to 80 Watts – recommended wattage 55 to 65 Watts
Single, vertical Kanthal coil with open airflow
Large Stainless Steel barrel with triangular wicking ports
Organic Japanese cotton wicking
Designed for intense flavour
Produces big clouds at higher wattages
100% Genuine ProC1 coil from Joyetech

5 x Joyetech ProC1-S replaceable coil heads (0.25 Ohm) - £11.79
With more restricted airflow, the ProC1-S is designed for mouth-to-lung vaping between 30 and 40 Watts. The vertical coil format is almost identical to the standard ProC1 coil head. With an official rating of 25 to 55 watts, the tighter draw of these ProC1-S coils gives them superior flavour performance.

Joyetech 0.25 Ohm ProC1-S MTL Coil Head Features:
0.25 Ohm replaceable ProC1-S single core, mouth-to-lung coil head
For use with Joyetech ‘ProCore’ tank range (including the Remix)
Rated at 25 to 55 Watts – recommended wattage 30 to 40 Watts
Single vertical coil with tight airflow
18.5mm x 14.5mm Stainless Steel coil with triangular wicking ports
Wicked with Organic Japanese cotton
Designed for rich, smooth flavours
Delivers a tight draw with less cloud
100% Genuine ProC1-S coil from Joyetech

5 x Joyetech ProC2 replaceable coil heads (0.15 Ohm) - £11.79
If you vape for big clouds with lashings of flavour, ProC2 coils could be perfect for your Joyetech ProCore tank. With a low resistance of 0.15 Ohms, the ProC2’s dual vertical cores work at higher energy levels than the single core options. Rated for firing between 30 and 70 Watts, ProC2’s deliver top-class clouds and flavours at mid-range power settings.

Joyetech 0.15 Ohm ProC2 DL Coil Head Features:
0.15 Ohm replaceable ProC2 dual core, direct lung coil head
For use with Joyetech ‘ProCore’ tanks & the Remix RBA
Rated at 30 to 70 Watts – recommended wattage 45 to 60 Watts
Dual, vertical Kanthal coils with open airflow
Fat Stainless Steel barrel with enlarged wicking ports
100% organic Japanese cotton wicking
Designed for top-class clouds & flavour
Great performance at mid-range power settings
Genuine ProC2 coil from Joyetech

5 x Joyetech ProC3 replaceable coil heads (0.2 Ohm) - £13.29
A maximum power rating of 130 Watts puts these Joyetech ProC3 cloud-chasing coils right up there with ‘Cloud Beast’ style atomizers from other manufacturers. If you find that full-power firing is a little too hot to handle, the ProC3 still chucks glorious clouds at recommended settings between 70 and 90 Watts. With a triple-coil core heating up the juice, this super-coil also scores well on flavour!

Joyetech 0.2 Ohm ProC3 DL Coil Head Features:
0.2 Ohm replaceable ProC3 triple core, direct lung coil head
Compatible with Joyetech ‘ProCore’ tanks & Remix RBA
Rated at 40 to 130 Watts – recommended wattage 70 to 90 Watts
Triple vertical Kanthal coils with massive airflow
Stainless Steel barrel measures 18.5mm x 14.5mm
Organic cotton wicking for clouds & flavour
Produces big, high-wattage clouds
Great flavour from the triple core
Genuine Joyetech ProC3 coil

5 x Joyetech ProC4 replaceable coil heads (0.15 Ohm) - £14.29
Offering the best of both worlds, Joyetech’s ProC4 coils are designed for premium flavours in the 60 to 80 Watt power band. With a tested rating of 50 to 110 Watts, this quad-core coil head can also be pushed a little harder to produce masses of rich, dense cloud. This is one of the two coils shipped with the Cuboid 200 Watt starter kit.

Joyetech 0.15 Ohm ProC4 DL Coil Head Features:
0.15 Ohm replaceable ProC4 quad core, direct lung coil head
Fits Joyetech ‘ProCore’ atomizer tanks & the Remix RBA
Rated at 50 to 110 Watts – recommended wattage 60 to 80 Watts
Four Kanthal coils with airflow tuned for flavour
Stainless Steel barrel with enormous internal area
Organic cotton wicking for superior flavour
Produces exquisite flavour
Raise the wattage for cloud chasing
Genuine Joyetech ProC4 coil

Compatible with Joyetech’s Aries, Motor and SE tanks. These coil heads also fit the Remix RBA.

These Joyetech coils are designed for vaping at power settings ranging from 25 to 130 Watts. To avoid burned cotton, it’s important that you soak newly fitted coils with e liquid before vaping. The life expectancy of these coils will vary depending on the power settings used, e liquid types and your vaping style.

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