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What Kind Of Tobacco E Liquid Flavour? Mint Flavour

What Kind Of Tobacco E Liquid Flavour? Mint Flavour

21st Sep 2015

If you enjoy the taste of menthol cigarettes but would like to make the transition to e cigarettes, or are looking for a quit-smoking aid alternative, then why not consider a mint flavoured e liquid? But if you are concerned that mint flavoured e liquids will taste like old-fashioned toothpaste, then think again.

There are a variety of menthol and mint flavoured options to choose from. Whether you enjoy a sweeter, milder taste or a throat hitting cool, icy hit, you will be sure to find a mint flavoured e liquid or e juice to suit your needs. Here is a brief guide to some of the flavoursome minty flavours available in a our e cig vapour range.

Tobacco E Liquids

If you would like an e liquid with a combination of mint and tobacco flavours then choose a tobacco e liquid for an authentic menthol cigarette experience. Tobacco e liquids provide you with a traditional tobacco taste and an additional fresh, minty hit for a full-flavoured vaping experience.

Menthol E Liquids

For a purer, fresher mint taste experience, consider the range of menthol e liquids. Menthol flavours come in a variety of different taste strengths ranging from a mellow, sweet peppermint flavour, to stronger tasting icy cool, throat hitting flavours. If you enjoy the minty flavours of traditional chewing gum, then consider the double mint or spearmint e liquids. If you want a full icy hit then try the stronger tasting strong mint and super mint flavours.

Mint Combinations

Mint flavoured e liquids are also available combined with other flavours such as cherry menthol or strawberry and mint. These combinations offer a more delicate, sweeter taste mixed with a fresh mint flavour.

If you like the taste of traditional cough sweets, then you will enjoy the taste of T Juice High Voltage e liquid: an enjoyable combination of mint and fruit flavours like those found in your favourite cough drops.

Mint flavoured e liquids come in a range of nicotine levels to suit your needs so you can start off on a higher dose and gradually cut down on your nicotine levels at your own pace while still enjoying the same taste experience of your favourite mint flavoured e liquid.

GoSmokeFree offer a wide range of tobacco mint, double mint, ice mint and mint combination e liquids. For more information on our complete range of e cigarette products including other e liquid flavours, visit our website today.

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