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Cheap E Liquids

Cheap E Liquids

1st Sep 2015

There is no doubt that tobacco smoking is bad for your health. But it is also becoming an increasingly expensive habit to maintain. On average, a 20-a-day smoker will spend approximately £200 a month on cigarettes. That’s £2,400 a year! The transition to e cigarettes will not only have significant advantages for your health, it will also save you money.

E cigarette starter kits come at varying costs, ranging from simple cheaper versions to more expensive sophisticated kits. However, once you invest in an e cigarette kit, maintenance costs are very low compared to tobacco smoking. The range of cheap, cost effective e liquids on the market are vast.

What is E liquid?

E liquid, also known as e juice is a fluid that contains flavourings and is used to fuel your e cigarette. The e liquid produces a vapour which you exhale, simulating the action of a tobacco cigarette. You can choose an e liquid with or without nicotine. You can also choose what level of nicotine you require.

E liquids are far cheaper than tobacco cigarettes. Prices start from as little as £2.99 for 10mls. The clearomizer/tank has a capacity of 1.6-2ml. That means you can fill your e cigarette up approximately 5 times. That’s equivalent to 5 packets of cigarettes! You can save even more by buying money saving multi-packs.


Eliquid / E Juices come in a range of different flavours to suit your tastes;

  • Tobacco flavours offer you the same tobacco tastes as a traditional cigarette.
  • Menthol flavours offer a choice of cool, mellow and icy flavours similar to menthol cigarettes.
  • If you have a sweet tooth you can choose from a variety of tastes including chocolate, fruit, cola
  • and confectionary flavours.
  • Choose an e liquid flavoured with your favourite drink. Choices include, coffee, cappuccino,
  • amaretto, tequila and even pino colada and strawberry milkshake.

    You can customise your eliquid by choosing a nicotine level to suit your requirements.

    How Do E Liquids Work?

    Your e cigarette starter kit comes with a clearomizer or vape tank, a wick and a e cig battery. The e juice is poured into the tank which can be re-filled when empty. The battery will heat up the e juice inside the tank, producing a vapour for you to inhale. GoSmokeFree offer a range of e cigarette kits, accessories and a variety of fantastic flavoured e liquids at an affordable price. Check out the website for more information on our range of products including money-saving multi-pack offers.

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