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The Best of British E Liquids

30th Apr 2016

World-famous for its entrepreneurs and inventive spirit, Britain is leading the way when it comes to creative branding and quirky, new e-liquid flavours.

Despite most of the world’s vaping e-liquid being produced in China and the USA, we’re now seeing a steady rise in the number of UK based e-liquid manufacturers. Much of the UK’s e-juice production is taking place in high volume, commercial laboratories, but there are encouraging signs of diversity and innovation. We’re now beginning to see more UK vape stores and blending enthusiasts moving into independent production.

In this blog post we celebrate the best of British e-liquids.

What is e-liquid?

China’s Ruyan electronic cigarette company is credited as patenting the first commercial vaping kit in 2003. The first device actually used ultrasonic sound waves rather than a heating coil to vaporise a nicotine infused fluid.

Since 2003, vaping devices have changed beyond recognition. Computer control was a major innovation. This offered vapers precise control of heating coil voltage and temperatures. E-liquid itself was vastly improved, with thousands of exotic flavours appearing on the market.

The formula for e-liquid is actually pretty simple. Propylene Glycol (PG) is one of the main ingredients. Despite the scientific name, PG is a common food additive that keeps baked products moist. E-liquid’s other main component is a plant extract, Vegetable Glycerin (VG). PG and VG are mixed in various ratios with small amounts of nicotine and flavourings, then bottled as e-juice.

Why buy UK made e-liquid?

Euromonitor International predicts that UK vaping products sales will top 1.09 billion pounds in 2016. The big question is – wouldn’t we rather have the profit from those sales circulating in the UK economy?

The UK growth forecast for small and medium sized businesses (SMB’s) has never been more gloomy. Now it makes more sense than ever to buy British produced goods, rather than spending our hard-earned £’s on US and Chinese products. Keeping the cash circulating locally in the UK is better for UK buyers as well as sellers.

The environmental argument is also pretty compelling. Why waste fuel transporting products across the globe when we have world-class e-liquid producers here at home?

Choosing a great British e-liquid

British e-liquid is certainly cool, but what is it that makes a British e-liquid ‘great’? We need to look at the bigger picture before making a choice. The best British e-liquids need to tick all of the basic boxes for freshness, flavour and cloud volume. A comfortable throat hit is also high on the list of desirable qualities, but what else should we be looking for?

Safety is a top priority, so an e-juice containing any of the chemical bad-boys, like Diethylene Glycol, Ethylene Glycol, Diacetyl or Acetyl Propionyl is a non-starter.

Nicotine content is another factor to consider. Statistically, more than 50% of UK vapers make the switch to vaping as part of a drive to stop smoking cigarettes. What new vapers often need from an e-liquid is a wide range of nicotine strengths. This can help them to gradually reduce their nicotine intake.

With all of the serious stuff taken care of, we can move on to take a closer look at some of the crazier British e-juice brands and flavours that are appearing in UK vaping stores.

The best of British e-liquids

If you’re a fan of traditional British biscuits, like Ginger Nuts and Custard Creams, you’ll love some of the eccentric biscuit, marmalade and cake flavoured e-liquids that are now making an appearance. Many of these odd, but strangely attractive e-juice flavours are blended by small, cottage industry producers in the UK.

One of the other interesting new trends is stealth vaping. With so many vaping enthusiasts seeking ‘big cloud’ e-liquids and equipment, why would anyone want to go in the opposite direction?

If you’re vaping at work, a huge, swirling cloud of vapour is unlikely to improve your promotion prospects. This is just one of the reasons why vapourless e-liquid and stealth vaping equipment is now finding its way onto vape store shelves.

Moving towards the mainstream, we have incredibly successful e-liquid producers like T-Juice. From humble beginnings in Wembley, this UK manufacturing outfit has stepped up onto the global stage. After just five years of production T-Juice are now one of the leading UK exporters of superb, home-grown e-juice.

Following their fine example are patriotic UK e-liquid producers, Oh My God (OMG). Their branding is unmistakeable, with a British bulldog and Union Jack flag displayed prominently in the logo. Oh My God (OMG) e-juice complements their branding with sensational, world beating flavours.

To try some these exquisite, UK made e-liquid flavours yourself, click on this link to an amazingly affordable Oh My God (OMG) multipack!

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