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Ten Celebrities That Use E Cigarettes

9th Jul 2015

E Cigarette Toting Celebs

The rise in popularity of e cigarettes has climbed higher and faster than anyone could have expected when the first "modern" e cigarettes were released onto the market in China back in 2004. Since that time millions of smokers across the globe have chosen to ditch their tobacco habit and move over to a cleaner yet still highly enjoyable vaping alternative with the use flavoursome e liquids and e juices assisting the transition.

It seems that even the celebs have jumped onto the bandwagon, with a number of familiar faces being seen recently with or being reported to have been seen enjoying a e cigarette in place of their usual tobacco smoke.

Who's Been Spotted

Bruno Mars

A heart warming story, last year Bruno Mars tragically lost his beloved mother to a brain aneurysm. Taking to Twitter to show his fans and followers that he was toting an e cigarette he renewed his pledge and the promise he made to his mother to quit tobacco cigarettes. One day at a time Bruno and what an inspiration.

Ronnie Wood

Are there pictures of Ronnie Wood of the Rolling Stones without a roll-up or similar hanging out of his mouth? These days it seems that good old Ronnie has jumped on the vaping bandwagon and is also enjoying an e cigarette instead of the numerous tobacco cigarettes a day he must have gone through. Nicely done Ronnie, just goes to show that you're never too old to make a positive change.

Katy Perry

The queen of the charts the fabulous Katy Perry has often been snapped with an e cigarette in hand, relaxing with friends and enjoying being her perfectly wonderful self. Seen with a refillable e cig we have to wonder what her e liquid of choice is, something fruity or a little naughty we like to think.

Alexa Chung

A popular figure, the lovely Alexa Chung too has been photographed with an e cigarette. Alexa, a model and presenter is a familiar face on the television and we are glad to see her enjoying a cleaner smoke.

Lindsay Lohan

Looking much healthier than she has in recent years after a series of unfortunate press photos of her worse for wear it has been nice to see Lindsay Lohan seemingly adopting a healthier stance these days and relaxing with an e cig rather than her usual baccy cig.

Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole, or rather Cheryl Fernandez-Versini after her marriage in 2014 to Jean-Bernard has had a traumatic time in the press over the past few years, between her relationship woes with previous hubby Ashley Cole, to X Factor drama and more. She certainly seems happier these day, settled with her charming French husband and smoking an e cigarette it seems too. We've always like Cheryl.

Why is an article about celebs and vaping / e smoking important? This is just another way that vaping has hit the news recently with die-hard cigarette smokers ditching the tobacco in an effort to be healthier. The fact that vaping is considered the "in thing" is never a bad thing as anything that has adults switching from chemical laden tobacco smokes which have long since been proven to be harmful, and onto the cleaner vape alternative has got to be a good thing.

Have you spotted other celebs out and proud with their e cigarettes?

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