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​Just How Popular is Vaping in 2018

17th Aug 2018

The vaping industry is one which has exploded in terms of popularity and user numbers since  e cigarettes in their modern format became available to buy. As time has gone on we have seen a swift increase in vaping numbers so today we look a little closer at the numbers behind vaping and what they are telling us about vaping popularity and more.

Back in the olden days tobacco was king and the idea of a popular alternative was laughable. As time has moved on more and more research has emerged into the harm that tobacco smoking is doing to the human body, the environment and even the NHS. The NHS spends millions, if not billions every year on smoking-related prescriptions, admissions and more.

In light of this raised awareness and the availability of a healthier alternative to smoking (95% less harmful at least according to Public Health England) more and more people are turning to vaping for reasons concerning their health and their budget.

Official Reports Saying Vaping Numbers and Increasing

Smoker numbers are down. In England alone they are at their lowest level since such records began. That’s not to 

say that there aren't still far too many people smoking and therefore still much work to be done. Unsurprisingly, the numbers of people vaping has risen significantly. Between 2011 and 2016 the number of people choosing to vape jumped from approximately seven million vapers to thirty five million. It is estimated that over fifty million adults will be vaping regularly by 2021. There are many theories about why there has been such a big increase which we’ll touch on later.

E Cigarettes and Associated Spending Has Risen

It will come as no surprise to many that as the number of people vaping has risen and the global reach of e cigarette use has expanded, that more has been spent on vaping-related purchases.

It is estimated that as of now (2018) the worth of the global vaping product market tops over twenty two billion dollars which is a big increase from 2013 where the global worth was just over four billion dollars. Unsurprisingly the UK, Japan and the United States of America report the largest number of sales which tallies up with the popularity of vaping in these areas.

While global spending on vaping may be going up it is important to remember that smoking spending is going down, and that smoking costs an individual significantly more than vaping does. These numbers simply mean that more and more people are making the healthier choice and choosing vaping instead of tobacco smoking

What Are People Spending Money On?

It would seem that open system e cigarettes are the most popular option. These are the e cigs which may be refilled manually with e liquids of the vaper’s choice as opposed to closed systems which come with pre-filled cartridges and are often described as single use or disposable e cigarettes. Some vapers will buy additional pre-filled cartridges in order to use the e cig again however this works out much more expensive and vapers are very limited in their choice of flavours.

With e cigarettes and e liquids available at very affordable prices as well as premium kit for those very serious about their vaping hobby there is something available for all preferences and budgets.

Why is Vaping Popularity Rising


Public awareness of both the risks associated with smoking and the benefits of switching over to vaping have both had a significant effect on vaping numbers, as well as the decline in smoking numbers. Public Health England for example, who are responsible for public health in various ways were the instigators of the Go Smoke Free ban in 2007. They also run the annual Stoptober campaign which has been attributed to helping many give up smoking for good.

Much of Public Health England’s work has centered around smoking harm and vaping awareness and not only have they listed e cigarettes as a valid cessation tool in their Stoptober advertisements, they have confirmed that their research shows vaping to be at least 95% less harmful than tobacco cigarettes.

While once vaping was new, untested and untrusted we now have PHE advocating for their use in hospitals, cancer charities and even London Fire Brigade stating that e cigarettes are much preferred over tobacco cigarettes. It will be interesting to see how these numbers develop over time, particularly in light of additional awareness campaigns and research reports citing the success of ecigs as as a valid and enjoyable alternative to smoking.

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