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There are a number of very good reasons why choosing e cigarette smoking over traditional tobacco smoking is a great idea.  


One of the huge benefits that e smoking has over traditional tobacco cigarettes is the huge amount of variety on offer, both in the type of e smoking devices you may use as well as the vast number of different e liquids on offer.

The two main types of  cigarettes are refillable ones and disposable ones. The main features of each are easy to work out from the name however that are so many more variations of these two which enables e smokers to choose a perfectly personal e smoke.

For example, there are clearomizers and cartomizers (different types of chambers that contain the e liquid, both having their own plus points), some e cigarettes have soft tips , mimicking "real" cigarettes, some are activated by drawing on them, some have a button to press.....

Needless to say there is an e cigarette device for everyone including those who enjoy pipe smoking.

When it comes to e liquids (the liquid which contains a base, the nicotine and flavourings) there are so many to choose from. Some people enjoy one flavour all the time, some prefer alternating and experimenting. If you like tobacco flavours there are plenty of these, if you are a menthol fan, a fruit fan, have a sweet tooth or perhaps enjoy a smoke which mirrors the flavour of your favourite drink (be this coffee or cola) there is something here for you to choose from.

Cost Benefit

How much  smoking of any kind costs will depend on how heavy a smoker you are, what brand of cigarette or e cigarette you prefer, how many e liquids you decide to buy at a time etc. Overall, when you consider the average cost of e smoking versus tobacco smoking e smoking comes up top (as in cheapest). 

Health Benefits

Until such a time as when the regulating bodies feel e smoking testing has been around long enough to say accurately that they are healthier / better for you than tobacco cigarettes no-one else can definitively say they are either. 
What you should consider when choosing between the two types is that tobacco smoking is a proven cause of a number of illnesses and health issues, that tobacco cigarettes contain a vast number of chemicals which you probably don't really want to be inhaling and that e cigarettes in comparison actually offer nicotine free e smokes and are free from the "nasties" that are commonly found in conventional cigarettes. 

There is talk about e cigarettes  being adopted by the NHS in the next few years to be used on prescription as cessation devices however this hasn't yet been officially confirmed as yet. 

Cool Accessories

There are some nifty accessories available for e smokers these days. From e cigarette cases (perfect for disposables as well as refillable e cigarettes), lanyards for easy carrying and more e cigarettes offer a wide range of accessories which make e smoking more convenient.

Smoke Free Smoking Everywhere

There are a great number of restrictions in place governing where you can and cannot smoke tobacco cigarettes and these restrictions are backed up by law. While currently there aren't as many restrictions on e smoking (though this might change) it is important to remember that when you enjoy an e smoke that you are exhaling flavoured vapour, not chemical-laden smoke. 

There are a great number of reasons why many people prefer e smoking over traditional tobacco cigarettes. Most of all our customers tell us that the main reason above all else is that they may enjoy a smooth draw, a great throat hit and fabulous flavour in a much cleaner way than with tobacco cigarettes.

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