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In our opinion, the apple is hugely underrated. We love the fact that this humble fruit makes some truly fantastic e liquid flavours, both on its own and when mixed with a number of other fabulous flavour strands. Of course, there are many different apple varieties out there which means that there is a sweet, bitter, earthy, or juicy tone suitable for all apple fans. We love apple e liquids however, we’re not apple purists, we understand that people like to mix things up a little which is why we boast a number of fabulous apple-themed vapes for you to choose from.

Whether you are a sub ohm user, preferring to use low resistance vape coils to produce big vape clouds and prefer the high VG e liquid route, we have something to tempt you here. Don’t worry though, high PG e liquids, zero nicotine e liquids and more are ready for you to load up into your favourite e cigarette or even to get started with a new vaping starter kit if you’re just switching over to vaping.

If an apple-flavoured vape is for you, you are most definitely in the right place.

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