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Many e liquids contain sweetness, either naturally derived or added in order to enhance flavours. These dessert, candy and sweet treat e liquids really do have the winner badge when it comes to overall sweet tastes though.

E liquids that are very sweet will decay the life of your coil in comparison to liquids which are not as sweet. Unfortunately, there is no way round this, so it is up to you. If you think losing a little life from your coils is worth it for an enhanced flavour, then sweet liquids could be for you. If you want to make your coils last as long as possible then we would advise you to go for a liquid with a little as possible added sweetener.

Choice-wise, when it comes to sugar e liquids you are most definitely spoilt. From biscuits to jams, syrup tones to menthols and even tobacco, if you’re looking for a sweet and delicious vape, you are in the right place.

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