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Vaping has gone a long way towards helping individuals who previously found smoking hard to walk away from a new opportunity to safeguard their health. Switching to vaping and giving up smoking altogether improves health, the environment and often your bank balance. Unfortunately fake news, myths and and misunderstandings are all standing in the way of more people taking the leap into vaping and away from harmful tobacco smoking.The Dangers of To… Read more
There is a lot of varying opinions regarding vaping and driving and there are many people happy to share them. Unfortunately with so much misleading information around this topic is can sometimes be difficult to work out what is right and what is wrong. We look at the various aspects of vaping in a car and the legal and common sense aspects of it.Is it Illegal to Vape in a Vehicle?Strictly speak, no, it isn’t illegal to vape in a car. E cigarette… Read more
These days vaping is very commonly seen and is nowhere near as new or as much of a novelty as it once was. Many have turned to vaping as an alternative to tobacco cigarette smoking, which is commonly recognised as being harmful to health. Despite being commonplace now, in 2018, the e cigarette has come a long way in a relatively short space of time.The Early DaysHerbert A Gilbert is known as the initial pioneer of the vaping way of enjoyment, int… Read more
If you hadn’t heard, a long-term study has proven that vapers do not suffer from any lung health issues or changes in lung health cause by vaping. There is no evidence that anyone with a lung-related health condition would be any worse-off if they decided to vape. The opposite is known to be true for those who start or continue to smoke tobacco cigarettes.Public Health England are happy to advocate for the use of e cigarettes as a way to help peo… Read more

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