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There are many reasons why switching from smoking to vaping is a good idea and we’ll touch on these shortly. This article is for those of you considering switching from smoking to vaping and for new switchers, to help you make the transition successfully, to make the most of your vaping experience and to make the move away from smoking permanently.Switching from smoking to vaping has got to be one of the healthiest choices you can make. Publ… Read more

9th Nov 2018

When it comes to nicotine the media loves a sensationalist headline. Yes, there are downsides to nicotine, i.e if you drink it you could get really quite poorly but that said if you drink bleach the same applies and it’s rare to see bleach getting a kicking in the press. This blog post highlights the ways that nicotine can cause harm (like above via ingestion) and common sense fixes to ensure that risks are incredibly minimal.One of our concerns… Read more
During the 2018 Autumn Budget yesterday Chancellor Philip Hammond announced a further increase in tobacco taxation, in line with the so-called tobacco escalator. This increase puts a hefty 24p on each pack of cigarettes (20 pack), making the average packet of cigarettes cost over ten pounds.With a rise of 2% over the current rate of inflation to deal with and tobacco costs rising annually, it is clear to see why so many are looking to move t… Read more
While we cannot add “teeth whitening” to the list of benefits vaping has over tobacco smoking we can offer up recent results of a study which shows that vaping is much less likely to stain your teeth.On a scale of one to ten concerning the dangers of smoking, discolouration of the teeth doesn’t rank too highly (not when you have a pulmonary disease and potentially cancer to contend with). It is, however, a known fact that smoking does cause your… Read more

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