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Public Health England have become quite the knight in shining armour where vaping is concerned over the past year or so. While the vaping community, researchers, charity groups and more all accept smoking as bad and vaping as much better some of the general public tend to be a little harder to convince sometimes. Public Health England (PHE) have been working to dispel the myths surrounding vaping and encourage more individuals to ditch smoki… Read more
Whatever your reasons for switching from tobacco cigarettes to e cigarettes are, there are undeniable health benefits to vaping and many reasons not to smoke. There has been much controversy over the years about whether vaping is bad for your health however scores of studies undertaken by reputable researchers say otherwise, including Public Health England who have reported vaping to be at least 95% less harmful than smoking. Something of an auth… Read more
Despite evidence to the contrary, some insurance companies are classifying vaping in the same way that they do tobacco smoking, considering it just as harmful. This means that you could end up paying as much as sixty percent more for life insurance if you vape, if you don’t shop around.From a life insurance point of view we understand the impact smoking has on health, the increased risk of numerous illnesses and the potential smoking has to short… Read more
Despite vaping working wonders for helping individuals to stop smoking, NHS support should not be being dialed back, and yet it is. We look at what is really happening to local cessation clinics and overall stop smoking support.   A report has shown that the number of prescriptions written for medications that are prescribed to help individuals give up their harmful smoking habit has dropped significantly over the past ten years by up t… Read more

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