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As we all know, smoking is banned in England, and many other places when it comes to public spaces. This started in 2007 with the implementation of the government Go Smoke Free ban. This saw smoking banned at work, on public transport, in shopping centres, cafes, public buildings and more. A later addition has seen smoking in cars where minors are present banned too. Vaping is not mentioned under the GSF legislation and so many are asking, w… Read more
When it comes to smoking the message is clear; smoking kills. The World Health Organisation has classified a number of the chemicals found in tobacco cigarettes as being toxic. WHO also classify tobacco cigarettes and smoking as being potentially cancer causing. The question many want to see answered however is “Will passive vaping hurt me?”. We answer this question once and for all.Will Passive Vaping Hurt MePassive vaping or second hand va… Read more
Vaping is different from the new, exciting or new and weird hobby it was once considered to be (depending on your outlook). Vaping has existed long enough for people to recognise it as a beneficial alternative to tobacco smoking. Not only is it healthier, and more on that shortly, it is now so easy to access with vaping shops and convenience stores stocking vapes everywhere. We look at why vaping shops and websites that offer advice, dedicated va… Read more
Despite numerous studies and public health campaigns to the contrary, many smokers still seem to be wary of vaping and not see the benefits of switching over from tobacco smoking to vaping. Recent figures show that two in five smokers haven’t tried using an e cigarette which indicates they may not understand how vaping works or how pleasurable it can be. Clearly vaping isn’t too much of a trade-off as over twenty thousand new smoking quits are at… Read more

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