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There is something magical about the apricot, seductive even. When it comes to sweet, exotic and juicy fruits this is one fruit flavour that translates beautifully into a truly delightful e liquid which produces an out of this world flavour infused vapour. One of our sweeter e liquid groups, apricot themed vapes are both slightly citrus-tasting as well as boasting creamy goodness. It is the versatility of these apricot e liquids which makes them perfect for high VG e liquid fans, those who favour high PG e juice or even a more neutral mixture of the two.

If you’re just moving into vaping, break open your vaping starter kit and give these apricot flavours a try. If you’re already a vaper and set up with your pod mod, box mod or indeed any type of ecig, now is the time to enjoy the mellow fruit-flavoured magic that comes from this underrated superstar of soft fruits.

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