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E Cigarettes (or Electronic Cigarettes) have stormed the smoking market, proving unbelievably popular in a relatively short space of time, with many choosing to adopt this smoking alternative over tobacco smoking. Since the first e cigarettes hit the market there has been a great number of development meaning that the e cigs available today are already considerably more advanced than those first introduced for public use.

E smokers today are enjoying a chemical free smoke and overall a much more enjoyable smoking experience than ever before. Could it be possible that one day e cigarettes will take over and even perhaps eliminate the tobacco industry? Time will tell! As you can see the development of electronic cigarettes has to date been quite the full-on journey.

It All Began in 1963

Back in 1963 Herbert Gilbert, an inventor, filed a patent for a smokeless tobacco cigarette. His idea was to  design a cigarette with a tip which could be replaced and moistened / flavoured with "anything from root beer to rum".  A number of companies approached Gilbert in 1967 with a view to manufacturing his design for him but a deal was never struck and the idea wasn't marketed.
Fast Forward to 2000

A Chinese pharmacist, Hon Lik invented in 2000 an electronic cigarette which heated a liquid that included nicotine to produce a vapour which could be inhaled. Sound familiar? Hon Lik's design suggested the use of propylene glycol to dilute the nicotine (which is today the base ingredient for the majority of e liquids) and invented a reservoir made from plastic which could also be used as the mouthpiece of an electronic cigarette.

The First E Cigarettes Hit the Market

Hon Lik's patented e cigarette design was first distributed for public use in China between 2003-2004. He changed the name of his company to Ruyan which translates to "resembling", presumably because his invention resembles the traditional cigarette.
The rest as they say, is history. Technological advances have meant that the electronic cigarettes enjoyed today are more user-friendly and offer a superior smoke to those early designs.

Hon Lik's dedication (as well as Herbert Gilbert's earlier work) aimed at bringing the century old habit of smoking into modern times while eliminating the health concerns associated with smoking is what pioneered the electronic cigarette market we enjoy today.  

Moving Onwards

These days there are countless e liquid flavours, new and improved atomizers, disposable e cigarettes and more. In a relatively short time the e cigarette world has grown into a thriving market and it looks like it will keep on developing as more and more people decide to change from traditional tobacco cigarettes to e cigs.

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